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What are the 2018 most popular songs in the world?

Jitter has been very popular since last year, and interesting and fun videos are very popular with good songs. What kind of songs are there on the jitter? Xiaobian has sorted out some. Let's have a look.

Let me stay with you - Eason Chan

Move something (explicit) - driving dance

Wandering small seller - Zhang Xuefei

The most beautiful expectation - Zhou Bichang

HandClap -- Fitz and The Tantrums

See It Again -- Loud Luxury

Where The Hood At -- DMX

Drunk Chibi - Lin Junjie

Wicked Wonderland -- Martin Tungevaag

Like your song - Jinfu

A good man. - jaeforeal

My new clothes - V a VA

I don't need a girlfriend. - 38bang / vicious boy

Lime - Xu Binglong

Come with you. - Ice / ginbb Z

Live - excuse the band

Take all you want. - Hu Yanbin

Boy (Live) - Liang Bo

Sorrow of leaving - Li Yuanjie

Big brother, don't kill me - follow the trend Superman

Short hair - lampho

PPAP - CAI Xukun (idol trainee)

Try (Korea) - Sistar

I love you

Why do - Wang Ji

Sapphire (Remix) lesions - Li zhijiancuo

My Hot Girl - Gibb-Z

Gucci Urumqi - has

Freaks(Original Mix)- Timmy Trumpet

Broken Cities - Charlie Brrennan /Miller Guth