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Can Huabei withdraw to wechat? How can Huabei reflect to wechat

Can Huabei withdraw to wechat? How can Huabei reflect to wechat

Sihai: Hua Bai is a function introduced by Alipay. It allows users to buy things on overdraft. Some friends want to spend money on WeChat when they want to be short of money. Is this operation feasible? Can Huabei be embodied in wechat? How to operate it? Let's have a look.

Before we talk about Huabei's wechat method, we need to make two points clear.

First, ant flower does not support the cash withdrawal function, and what we usually call "cash withdrawal" is actually a circuitous way of cash withdrawal.

Second: the money spent can't be withdrawn directly to wechat, but only through some indirect methods. The simplest way is to withdraw cash to the bank card first, and then recharge it from the bank card into wechat. Of course, the premise is that your bank card also binds WeChat and Alipay.

Huabei's withdrawal to wechat method

1, bind a bank card to WeChat and Alipay account. As for the binding method, there is nothing more to add here.

2. After binding the bank card, you can carry out the "withdraw" operation. First, determine the amount you want to withdraw, and then go to support online shopping on the website of Huabei payment, such as Taobao.

3. When shopping, you can choose a commodity that roughly meets your expected cash withdrawal quota, or you can choose multiple items to gather the quota. I suggest the former. The word 'choice' is used here. Of course, it is not for people to buy, but for the later 'cash out'.

4. When purchasing goods, you must choose to pay by paying, and then the most important step. After the payment is successful, you can choose to confirm the receipt, then apply for after-sales service, and finally apply for a refund, so that the amount you want will reach your account, that is, you have completed the 'withdrawal'. However, it should be noted that not all products can be operated in this way. You must find the link to Taobao.

5, if you complete the above, you will find that there is a lot of money in Alipay account. Next, it is to cash in the pre paid bank card. Click the Alipay balance inquiry, then click cash, choose the bank card to enter the password, OK, I believe this is not difficult. (of course, this step can be omitted if you directly withdraw to the bound bank card at the time of refund.)