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How much is a real air cushion BB Cream transparent air cushion is a water moistening and non greasy makeup product with high cost performance. After use, it will not float powder, peel or take off makeup. Many beauties must care about the price of this air cushion. Let's have a look.

How much is transparent air cushion BB Cream

Price: 69

Product Name: BB cream with flawless air cushion

Time of listing: 2014

Net content: 15g

Shelf life of cosmetics: 36 months

Approval No.: Yue g makeup net preparation Zi 2016051404

Cosmetics for special use or not: no

Deadline: April 17, 2020 to April 27, 2020

Color classification: bright white ᦇ C21 natural color ᦇ C23 bright skin color ᦇ C22 bright white water moistening ᦇ N21 skin water moistening ᦇ N22 natural water moistening ᦇ n23

Sun protection: no

Specification type: normal specification

Brand: Touzhen

BB Cream item: light and flawless air cushion

BB cream: moisturizing, moisturizing, concealing, brightening skin tone and controlling oil.

Origin: China

Shelf life: 3 years

Suitable for skin type: any skin type

True air cushion BB cream for age

True air cushion BB cream is suitable for skin over 18 years old. Because BB cream is a make-up, it does not contain many skin care ingredients like skin care products, and its efficacy is not very strong, so there is no age limit.

It mainly depends on your skin problems and personal needs. If your skin is free of obvious excessive defects, it can be used completely. Moreover, if you have the needs of nude nature, it can also be used.

Some BB Cream heavy metal content is too much or less good, so in the purchase of their own skin to choose the right BB cream!

How to use air cushion BB Cream

Step 1: gently press the sponge cushion BB cream puff, you will see enough BB cream.

Step 2: BB cream should be applied along the skin texture from the flattest facial area, in the order of cheek forehead eye nose chin.

Step 3: tap gently on the dark and shadowy parts of the face to increase the effect of applying makeup and covering.

Air cushion BB cream is not only a gimmicky chicken rib product. Although its paste body is not very different from the traditional BB cream, its air cushion design and corresponding powder puff matching press make BB Cream fit the skin evenly and naturally, which has a revolutionary innovation in the way of application.