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What does little sister mean? Where does little sister come from if you don't surf the Internet every few days, you will feel abandoned by the world for a long time. There are endless network words. If you don't agree with each other, you will be out. Recently, the word "little sister" has become very popular. Do you know what little sister means? Let's see how little sister boards to dominate the network language!

Little sister

At the beginning, the little sister was used to describe the second dimension cute girl paper, which was first popular in the second dimension circle. Later, it was gradually known by everyone.

Generally, only children like to call other people's little sisters, so they call you little sisters mainly for the sake of cute. For example, if I fall down, I need little sister to sing a song to get up. Of course, some of them also call men little brothers.

The game calls the female player little sister, which means flirting. I want to do the task with little sister.

Little sister and little brother are both fans' nicknames for Adu. They are generally highly respected people who have a leading position in the group. So the little sister is also a pretty and lovely girl.

Where do you come from, miss

At first, it was used to describe the second-dimensional cute girl paper, which was first popular in the second-dimensional circle, and later gradually known by everyone.

Little sister's pollution

1. Call your little sister. They may mean to soak you up. For example, does the little sister who hasn't slept need essential balm~

2. A kind of address for the women who compare waves. For Cqy, it's a call for distance. Little sister = the object who wants Cqy (what does Cqy mean?)

3. Little sister, I want to repair your car.