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How to cause liver fire depression and how to treat it

The incidence of liver fire depression in female population is relatively high. What symptom does liver fire depression knot have? What causes the stagnation of liver fire? How to treat liver fire depression knot? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

What are the symptoms of stagnation of liver fire

1. Depression or irritability

This symptom is the most common one, which is manifested as depression, always groaning, or irritability, affecting daily life and work.

2. Distention, depression and pain in the circulation part of liver meridian

Liver meridian circulates through abdomen, chest and flank, laryngopharynx, head and other parts. Stagnation of liver Qi may cause abdominal pain, breast distention, flank and rib pain, headache and other manifestations.

3. Pathological changes of neck and throat

Liver meridian circulates through the throat, where the liver Qi stagnates, people will feel foreign body in the throat, unable to swallow or cough, which is called "plum core Qi" in traditional Chinese medicine. If qi stagnation for a long time, it will further affect the normal operation of blood and body fluid, resulting in phlegm stagnation in the neck, neck mass and so on.

4. Breast and menstrual diseases in women

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "women are born with liver", so women are more likely to have stagnation of liver qi. In addition to some of the above symptoms, but also for breast pain, lumps, dysmenorrhea or menstrual disorders.

5. Digestive system diseases

According to traditional Chinese medicine, liver and spleen are closely related in physiology and pathology. Stagnation of liver qi can affect the spleen and stomach for a long time, resulting in abnormal digestive function, loss of appetite, belching, abdominal distention, irregular stool and even diarrhea.

How to cause the stagnation of liver fire

The syndrome of liver loss, qi stagnation. It is often caused by emotional depression, or sudden mental stimulation and other diseases. If the liver loses its ability to relieve and discharge, and the Qi is stagnant, then the emotion will be depressed; if the Qi is stagnant for a long time, it will lose its softness and comfort, so it is impatient and irritable. Qi stagnation can produce phlegm. Phlegm rises with Qi. If the pulse is formed in the pharynx, the plum core Qi will be seen. If it accumulates in the neck, it will be gall tumor. Qi stagnation and blood stasis will result in irregular menstruation or abdominal pain. Qi accumulates and blood accumulates.

Cold pathogen invading the liver and stomach refers to the syndrome of disharmony and depression of the stomach caused by unsmooth emotions and laxity of the liver. It is also known as the syndrome of liver Qi invading stomach and stagnation of liver and stomach qi. All of the above causes can cause disturbance of normal function of liver and stomach, and form disharmony of liver and stomach. This syndrome is mainly caused by unsmooth emotions and liver loss. In special cases, it is caused by cold pathogen invading the liver and stomach and disturbing the normal function of the liver and stomach. The main points of examination were chest and flank pain, epigastric distention or channeling pain, hiccup and belching.

How to regulate the stagnation of liver fire

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; &; 1. Drug conditioning

Liver qi stagnation can be regulated by drugs. If there is no use for drug conditioning, it is better to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

2. Work and rest conditioning

It is very important to have a good habit of work and rest, because a good sleep can let every mechanism of the body get rest, which is very good.

3. Emotional conditioning

The cultivation of a good mood is very important. A large part of the reason for the stagnation of liver Qi is that there are often some negative emotions, so it is very important to adjust your mind.

4. Diet conditioning

Patients with stagnation of liver Qi eat more liver qi, liver fire, spleen qi, such as pumpkin, orange, lentil, sorghum rice, job's tears and other Spleen Qi food; broccoli, rape, Luffa, hawthorn and other liver fire reducing food; garland, radish, grapefruit, tomato and other liver Qi regulating food.