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What vitamin E can't be eaten with

Sihaiwang: vitamin E is an indispensable nutrient in our body, and vitamin E capsule is more replenished by most people. What vitamin E cannot drink to eat together? Let's get to know.

What can't vitamin E be eaten with? Vitamin E can't be eaten with foods rich in vitamin K

Vitamin A, D, e and K are all fat soluble vitamins. The human body needs a certain amount of fat desolvent for their digestion and absorption. Especially vitamin E and vitamin K show obvious antagonistic effect. Supplement vitamin E and vitamin K at the same time will reduce the digestion and absorption of the two vitamins. In addition, two kinds of supplement at the same time will reduce the blood coagulation function and have a serious impact on the hemostasis of trauma.

Foods rich in vitamin K include egg yolk, cod liver oil, spinach, seaweed, soybean oil, cheese, cabbage, lettuce, etc.

Vitamin E should not be taken together with the food or drug that increases estrogen

Vitamin E, known as tocopherol, has the function of regulating the Internal Hormones of the body, especially the regulating function of the sexual hormones in the body, which can increase the secretion of female estrogen. If estrogen is replenished at this time, the amount of estrogen in the body will be too large, which will affect the hormone balance in the body and cause endocrine disorders.

Estrogen containing foods such as soybeans and soy products, milk and fish, cheese, etc.

The drugs that increase estrogen, such as diethylstilbestrol, bemeric, bujiale and Marvelon.

Vitamin E should not be taken with the supplement of inorganic iron

Vitamin E has a strong oxidation effect and will react with inorganic ferrous. Therefore, when vitamin E is supplemented, it is not allowed to eat any nutritional products containing inorganic ferrous, such as those containing ferrous sulfate, which will reduce the nutritional efficacy of the two nutrients. However, organic iron is not affected. It can be added together.

Vitamin E cannot be taken with drugs that reduce fat absorption

There are many drugs that can inhibit the absorption of fat to a certain extent and reduce the absorption of fat. However, vitamin E belongs to fat soluble vitamin, and its absorption needs a certain amount of fat dissolution. Therefore, it is not suitable to take drugs with inhibition of fat absorption when supplementing vitamin E, such as neomycin, mineral sugar oil, etc.

Vitamin E should not be taken with aspirin

Both vitamin E and aspirin can reduce blood viscosity, so when taking vitamin E and aspirin at the same time, doctors should adjust the dosage of patients according to the specific situation.

Can't vitamin E see light

Vitamin E capsule will not affect the drug effect when exposed to light, but if vitamin E capsule is used for whitening and freckle removal, it is better to do it at night, with better effect, which helps to dilute the pigment.