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2018 Zhejiang Zhijiang prison information technology personnel recruitment notice according to the needs of our work, our company has decided to recruit one information technology personnel for the public. Now we announce the following matters:

1、 Recruitment conditions

(1) Basic conditions

1. Male, under the age of 45 (born after January 1, 1973);

2. Abide by laws and disciplines, have good conduct, decent style, strong sense of responsibility, bear hardships and stand hard work, have good health, and have no history of mental illness and infectious diseases;

3. No violation of laws and disciplines, no record of illegal crimes above public security detention, no participation in cult organizations and activities such as Falungong;

4. Be able to be on duty at night and holidays.

(2) Specific conditions

1. College degree or above in computer application, network information management, software engineering, etc;

2. Be able to maintain computer hardware and software and network;

3. Experience in computer software and hardware, network, security system, database application and software programming is preferred.

2、 Work content and requirements

(1) Main work content

1. Be responsible for the basic troubleshooting of computer, network equipment, printer and other hardware;

2. Be responsible for daily operation and maintenance of network and application software;

3. Complete other it related work.

(2) Job requirements

1. Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the prison.

2. Implement on-site work system. In case of an emergency, you should arrive at the unit in time during non working hours. After receiving the notice, arrive at the scene within 30 minutes in the daytime and 40 minutes in the evening.

3、 Recruitment method

(1) Sign up. For qualified personnel, please send personal application materials to fan zhenpei, administrative equipment department, Zhijiang prison, Zhejiang Province before 17:00 on April 24, 2018. Consultation: Yan Wenjun, bidding office, Tel: 0578-2106177.

Personal application materials include: my ID card, academic certificate (copies of the above certificates, original copies are provided for future reference), criminal and illegal record certificate, three recent one inch color photos free of crown, personal resume, etc. (the materials are only received, not returned, and are responsible for confidentiality).

(2) Examination. The examination adopts the way of interview.

(3) Physical examination. Those who pass the examination (1:1 ratio) take part in the physical examination (at their own expense).

(4) Inspection. Those who pass the physical examination will enter the investigation to fully understand the political ideology, moral quality, ability and quality, work attitude, discipline and law-abiding, learning and work performance of the investigated objects and the situations that need to be avoided.

4、 Employment and treatment

(1) Employment. According to the results of the investigation, the employees are determined. Third party dispatch shall be adopted for external employees.

(2) Rest. One day off per week. If overtime work is needed, additional time off can be arranged, if not, it shall be calculated as overtime work; day shift shall be implemented according to work and rest system to ensure one day off every week, and night shift shall be implemented according to duty system.

(3) Treatment. Adopt the combination of basic wage and monthly assessment wage (please call for details).