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2010 NBA playoff Spurs vs warriors video online viewing address

2010 NBA playoff Spurs vs warriors video online viewing address

Sihaiwang: Beijing time, April 20, 09:30, NBA playoff Spurs vs warriors live. San Antonio Spurs return home with a 0-2 aggregate score, they will play Golden State Warriors at home on the 20th. For the Spurs, this is bound to be an emotional battle. First of all, they can't lose at home. Second, Popovich has just experienced the pain of his wife's death. The Spurs players will definitely work hard and try to get back to the city. The warriors take the initiative in the series. Durant, Thompson and green will play a role in leading the team. They will strive to win the series again and get the match point.

The warriors beat the Spurs 3-1 in the regular season, winning one of the two games in holy city. The Spurs lost four times in a row before beating the warriors at home on March 20. At home, the Spurs have played warriors 2-2 for the last four times. The Spurs have lost to the warriors six times in a row in the playoffs. The last time they won was on May 17, 2013. The Spurs lost twice in a row to the warriors at home. The last home win was on May 15, 2013.

Expected starting lineup of both sides

Warriors: igodara, Thompson, Durant, green, McGee

Spurs: Murray, mills, green, guy, Aldridge

Live time: 09:30, April 20

Viewing address: mid=100000:1471496