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Does Alipay electronic identity card support trains?

Does Alipay electronic identity card support trains?

Four seas network: Recently, Alipay's electronic identity card has passed the certification. This will indicate a lot of things and then carry the ID card with you. If you have Alipay, you can do it. Can Alipay's electronic identity card take the train? How do you pick up the Alipay electronic identity card? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Electronic identity card, also known as "online card", is the online functional certificate authenticated by the trusted identity authentication platform (Ctid) of the first Research Institute of the Ministry of public security. It has been tried out in Guangdong Province and other places through wechat platform before and has been promoted nationwide.

Does Alipay electronic identity card support trains?

After the "online card" is opened, it can not only be used in the process of real name registration, such as Internet bar, hotel, train, etc., but also in the scene of strict and standardized certification, such as industrial and commercial registration, and no longer need to worry about forgetting to bring ID card. And because the 'network card' is bound with face, fingerprint and ID card chip at the same time, it will hardly be counterfeited, and the verification process will not be transmitted through the Internet, and it is completely stored in the local area, so there is no risk of theft.

However, compared with WeChat, Alipay's attempt to "electronic ID card" is just a test of water. Quzhou, Fuzhou and Hangzhou are conducting pilot tests on only a few services, such as provident fund self-service machine of Quzhou administrative service center, self help ticketing machine of Fuzhou automobile station Limited of Fujian motor transport company, and check-in at the front desk of Hangzhou Rui Wo smart hotel, three.

Although Alipay's electronic ID card is not perfect yet, it has done a good job in driving license, social security card and other categories. Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Zhejiang, Wuhan, Chengdu and other places all support electronic driving license, electronic driving license, electronic social security card, electronic residence permit and so on, and even have an electronic business license. Specific support can be found in Alipay's' urban services' sector.

The above is Alipay electronic ID card can purchase train tickets information, you can know more about the role, hope to help everyone.