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Hawking warns us not to try to land on the moon. What's on the back of the moon in recent years, Mr. Hawking has been saying "golden sentences". First, he said that human beings would be destroyed by artificial intelligence. Later, he said that the earth would be destroyed in the future. Human beings must find suitable planets. In short, human beings are in danger. Recently, Mr. Hawking again issued a warning to the moon, saying that there are extraterrestrials on the back of the moon? There are aliens on the back of the moon?

BBC: on June 15, Hawking again warned against landing on the moon. Scientists confirmed that aliens were on the back of the moon. Hawking has always been very worried about the safety of human beings and repeatedly issued warnings. One of them is that Hawking warned human beings not to try to land on the moon, but gave the reason that aliens are on the back of the moon. Is this sensational statement true or false? Scientists seem to agree with Hawking's statement very much and have found evidence. Maybe there are aliens on the back of the moon!

With the latest round of moon landing plans of various countries coming out, the moon has re entered people's vision. As the first country in the world to land on the moon, the action of the United States has attracted much attention. But recently, Russian experts said that the U.S. changed to Mars after finishing the moon landing program with the intervention of aliens.

On the first day of chang'e-3's flight around the moon, it was found that there were UFOs flying over the moon, and then China launched the moon landing plan. The United States and the Soviet Union have landed on the moon since 30 years ago, but they haven't logged in since then. In fact, the United States wanted to declare that the moon is their own, while Armstrong changed his tune and said a word, my small step is human beings A big step forward, which shocked the United States on the ground. They don't know what happened. In fact, Armstrong saw the alien talents saying that and was warned by the alien!

The data display system of Chang'e-2, the ground application system of Chang'e project, was released. It can be proved that the U.S. found the remains of the lunar spacecraft (taken by Chang'e-2). According to insiders of the Chang'e-2 project, the analysis of high-definition satellite images of the moon shows that there are really alien bases and ancient spacecraft debris on the moon.

In Chang'e 2, it is said that the discovery of the wreckage of the lunar spacecraft by the United States and the Soviet Union in the past few years can prove its existence. In 2009, a person from the United States decrypted the truth deliberately covered up by NASA on the Internet. In 1976, the United States and the Soviet Union jointly launched the apollo-20 spacecraft to land on the moon in secret. Because before this, Apollo and the Soviet Union's satellites captured ancient cities and spacecraft on the moon.

Apollo-20 reaped a great harvest, and captured the prehistoric city, the remains of ancient spacecraft, and the three eyes of female alien bodies in the wreckage of spacecraft on the moon. In order to cover up the truth, the United States covered the relevant areas on its NASA website. The high-definition image taken by China's Chang'e-2 satellite proves that the American discovery is not a forgery. There are indeed mysterious prehistoric relics and spacecraft on the moon.

At 1:30 a.m. on December 2, 2013, China successfully launched the chang'e-3 lunar probe into space with the long march-3b carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. Chang'e-3 will realize the soft landing of the moon and the lunar surface inspection for the first time. The high-definition images taken by China's Chang'e-2 satellite further prove that the American discovery is not a forgery. There are indeed ancient spacecraft on the moon

Since the return of Apollo 17 to earth in December 1972, and the end of the Apollo moon landing program in the United States, the United States and the Soviet Union have never carried out any more than 30 years

One view is that this is because all 25 U.S. astronauts who fly to the moon have found UFOs on the moon, and their 'fear' of the powerful technology of extraterrestrials prompted NASA to give up the manned mission to the moon.

It is also believed that the sudden suspension of all human missions to the moon 30 years ago was due to the fear of extraterrestrial forces on the moon. Conspiracy theorists believe that the moon is the best platform for intelligent alien creatures to study the earth. It is not too far away from the earth, and one side of the moon is always facing the earth, which means that alien creatures can safely live on the other side of the moon.

UFO experts said that there are several alien biological bases on the other side of the dark moon. This year, Japanese astronomers photographed several black objects between 500 meters and 1000 meters long on the moon's surface. They moved rapidly across the moon's surface in a zigzag trajectory.