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2018 Rural Homestead compensation standard with demolition compensation calculation formula rural homestead is a kind of special land. The owner of the land only has the right to use the homestead. How to compensate in case of land acquisition and demolition?

Rural homestead and house demolition are separate compensation. "Separate compensation" refers to the separation of land compensation and compensation for attachments on the ground. The real estate right of the rural homestead belongs to the village collective, which is allocated to the villagers for use. The villagers build houses on the homestead for living. There are two kinds of compensation when the homestead is demolished.

First, compensation for homestead and second, compensation for housing. As the property right of the homestead belongs to the village collective, this part of compensation belongs to the village collective and will not be directly given to the users of the homestead. The property right of the house belongs to the private ownership of the villagers, so the compensation for the house belongs to the villagers. After the villagers' homestead is expropriated, if there is no other homestead, then the village collective should redistribute the homestead to the villagers and let them build houses on the new homestead.