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Sleep suddenly wake up to dream of foot trample empty how to return a responsibility?

I believe that many people have such experience when they are sleeping. When they are sleeping, they wake up suddenly and feel their feet are empty. Sometimes they shake all over their body suddenly and have an illusion, like stepping on the air suddenly at a high place and falling down to die. Then they are scared to wake up. What's the matter? Let's open up the mystery together with sihaiwang Xiaobian!

This is called muscle jerk, which often happens during sleep. This action is usually uncontrollable. The reason is that when people fall asleep, the brain misjudges that they want to fall from the high ground. The brain's instinctive response is to tense the muscles for balance, and the body will shake violently, so the feeling of suddenly stepping on the empty foot will appear in the dream. From the medical point of view, this occasional phenomenon is due to the fact that people are in the 'rapid eye movement stage' of sleep (rapid eye movement stage is a stage of sleep, during which the eyeball will move rapidly, in this stage, the activity of neurons in the brain is the same as when they are awake), and it is a normal physiological phenomenon accompanying the 'rapid eye movement stage' to dream.

Here, we need to pay special attention to the fact that if the frequency and amplitude of muscle pumping are too many and too large, we should be alert to the possible causes of certain diseases, such as metabolic or storage diseases of brain cells, degenerative diseases of brain, sequelae of brain hypoxia, sequelae of brain trauma, brain basal nucleus lesions, encephalitis, etc.

In addition, it is possible that hypocalcemia may lead to hyperactivity of nerves and muscles and convulsion. In traditional Chinese medicine, it may be deficiency of liver and kidney, deficiency of Qi and blood.

If there is no need for treatment occasionally, and if there is a need for treatment repeatedly and frequently, it is necessary to see a doctor in time and follow the doctor's advice to treat and recuperate the cause.