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2018 teacher certificate score query 2018 teacher certificate interview time

When will the results of the written examination of this year's teacher qualification certificate come out? How many points passed? Where can I check the score? What will be tested in the interview? Let's have a look at the teachers' qualification certificate.

In the first half of 2018, the query time of written test results of teacher qualification certificate is April 19. Entrance to query the scores of written examination of teachers' qualification certificate (www.ntce. CN). The score line of the written examination of the teacher's qualification certificate is 70 points, and if it is lower than 70 points, it is unqualified. The results of the written examination of teachers' qualification certificate shall be retained for two years. The following is the first half of 2018 teacher qualification certificate written examination results query entry. Candidates are expected to check the exam results and attend the teacher qualification interview in time.

The written examination of teacher's qualification certificate shall be kept for two years, and only after the written examination is qualified can the teacher be qualified for the interview examination of teacher's qualification certificate. In the first half of 2018, the interview time for teacher qualification certificate is may 19-20. There is still a month to go before the exam. We should hurry up to prepare for it.

What are the contents of the 2018 teacher qualification interview?

In the first half of 2018, the query time of written test results of teachers' qualification certificate is April 19 (score query entry). After passing the written test of teachers' qualification certificate, we need to interview for teachers' qualification certificate. When we want to interview for teachers' qualification certificate, we need to understand one thing first, that is, what are the main contents of the interview for teachers' qualification certificate? The following is the main content of the teacher qualification interview, hoping to help you.

1、 Instrument air

This mainly comes from the information obtained from the observation of the subjects' body shape, appearance, clothing and behavior, mental state, etc. For teachers, the most brilliant profession in the sun, the public has higher requirements for their appearance. Psychologists have shown that a person's external demeanor often reflects a person's internal psychological quality. People with dignified appearance, neat clothes and civilized manners generally work regularly, pay attention to self-discipline and have a strong sense of responsibility. But in the teacher interview, the appearance is not the most important, but can play a finishing point role. Candidates for the teacher interview can wear light make-up instead of heavy make-up. Bangs should not cover your eyes, let alone perm or dye your hair, and try to be clear and fresh. Make-up and dress should also be in line with the age level of the students they teach. When teaching primary school and senior high school, make-up and dress should never be the same. They should be close to the age level of the students without losing their solemnity. In a word, female teachers should be elegant and approachable, while male teachers should be upright and masculine.

2、 Expertise

The examination of professional knowledge can be conducted not only by organizing the examination of professional knowledge, but also by interviewing the candidates to understand the depth and breadth of professional knowledge, so as to make an effective judgment on whether their professional knowledge meets the requirements of the position to be applied. Therefore, interview can be used as a necessary and effective supplement to professional knowledge examination. The interview is more flexible and deep in the examination of professional knowledge, and the questions raised are closer to the requirements of the position for professional knowledge. Professional knowledge is very important for teachers. The mastery and exertion of professional knowledge by teachers is related to the development level of students and the overall education quality. Therefore, as a backup force of the education team, before becoming a teacher, teachers should have hard professional knowledge, and widely cover basic knowledge of multiple disciplines.

3、 Oral expression ability

The ability of oral expression in the interview mainly tests whether the candidates can express their educational ideas, professional knowledge and education skills smoothly. The specific content of the examination includes: logic, accuracy, appeal, quality and tone of expression. This is particularly important for teachers. As teachers, they should be concise and comprehensive. The examinees should pay special attention to avoid frequent oral words, non key repeated words and inappropriate words. For example, some candidates are very nervous during the interview, and oral words such as "um, this, that" are always repeated, which is actually a performance of nervousness and self-confidence. Even if your content is wonderful, these oral words will also make your score discount. Therefore, we should pay more attention to and cultivate oral expression ability in our daily work and life.

4、 Comprehensive analysis ability

The ability of comprehensive analysis in interview mainly tests whether the examinees can grasp the essence of the questions put forward by the examiners through analysis, and make thorough, multi-faceted and clear analysis. Teachers should have a strong ability of comprehensive analysis, because teachers should tell knowledge to students through analysis, that is to say, they should impart their ability of comprehensive analysis to students. Therefore, this is not negligible.

5、 Reaction capacity and strain capacity

This mainly depends on whether the examinee's understanding of the questions raised by the examiners is accurate, whether the answers are quick and accurate; whether the response to the unexpected questions is quick and quick, and whether the answers are appropriate; whether the unexpected things are handled properly. Teachers' response ability and adaptability are mainly reflected by students and teaching. For example, after students answer teachers' questions in class, teachers should make corresponding evaluation and guidance for students' answers, which reflects teachers' adaptability. Because students' answers are diverse and unpredictable, in fact, it requires teachers not only to have strong adaptability, but also to have comprehensive analysis ability and strong professional quality, which also shows from another aspect that teachers must master various knowledge and have comprehensive ability.