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Does Xiaomi Black Shark game phone support NFC function Black Shark game mobile phone has attracted a lot of netizens' attention as soon as it is released because of its high appearance and the positioning of its main game. Of course, a friend who intends to buy a black shark game phone is asking: does the black shark game phone support NFC function? To solve this problem, Xiaobian will bring you specific solutions today. Let's have a look.

Does black shark have NFC?

Let's take a look at the configuration of the black shark game phone. The black shark game phone uses a 5.99-inch 2160 * 1080p full screen, equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor, and has a storage combination of up to 8g + 128GB. It has a rear camera of 12 million pixels + 20 million pixels Dual Camera + front camera of 20 million pixels. The battery has a built-in capacity of 4000 MAH. It supports full Netcom 4G +, fingerprint recognition and face unlocking.

So after all, this model has NFC function, and this new model still doesn't support NFC function. We know that black shark game mobile phones are not public mobile phones, so it's reasonable not to support it.

As for why not support it? The official answer is' Black Shark game mobile phone is designed with a metal body. To support NFC, the metal body mobile phone needs to increase antenna slotting, which destroys the integration of cool appearance of mobile phone. On balance, we have no choice to support it. '

Therefore, I'm sorry to tell you that the black shark game mobile phone is not equipped with NFC function, which is also expected, after all, it is not a popular product with strong practicability.