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How can ray mask apply to pregnant women and lactation? Can you use ray mask?

Ray mask is very popular this year. How about this mask? How often? How do you use it? Can pregnant women and lactation be used? Want to understand the ray mask with Xiaobian to understand it.

How long does Ray mask apply?

Ray mask suggests that it is best to apply 10-20 minutes every time you use it. If the skin of the oily skin feels sticky and sticky in the process of applying ray mask, it can be applied for 10-15 minutes. If it's the girls with dry skin who don't feel greasy and comfortable when using it, they can apply it for 20 minutes~

Ray the longer the mask is applied, the better it is.

Ray mask is not as long as it is applied. It is recommended that girls should not spend more than 20 minutes each time. Once the mask is applied, the mask will start to absorb nutrients in the skin after absorbing the nutritious ingredients in the mask. It will make the skin more dry and rough, and the mask has not played the original effect. So, we suggest that the girls should have ten million. Don't put ray out of date~

How often does Ray mask apply?

Ray mask recommended 2-3 times a week for the best, but if the skin of your sister feels very dry, then it can be applied for a few days. First keep the skin in a stable state of water, then use it once every other day, so that the effect of the ray mask can be better.

Can Ray mask be applied every day?

Ray mask is best not to be applied every day, unless the skin is particularly dry when it can be used for a few days in a row. Other times, it is not recommended that the girls use ray mask every day. Because daily use of ray mask, that is, every day to supplement the same nutrients to the skin, will make the skin tolerant, so that the mask can not play the original effect. It may also bring a burden to the skin, causing the skin to get oily or stuffy, shut up, acne, etc~

Can Ray mask be used in lactation period?

Ray mask can be used in the lactation period, because ray mask does not contain ingredients that will affect the baby, so even if it is used during lactation, it will not cause any effect to the baby. Apart from a few mothers who are allergic to the ingredients, other mothers can rest assured of using the ray mask.

Who can't use Ray mask?

A person who is allergic to essence.

If people with allergy to flavor components are not recommended to use ray mask, because the golden mask and the silver section of the ray mask are flavors, so it is easy to cause skin discomfort if people are allergic to essential ingredients.