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April 13, 2018 Tianjin Quanjian vs Jiangsu Suning live video address

April 13, 2018 Tianjin Quanjian vs Jiangsu Suning live video address Beijing time 19:35, April 13, 2018, the 6th round of CSL, Tianjin Quanjian vs Jiangsu Suning live broadcast analysis and prediction recommendation.

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Tianjin Quanjian

[battle intention] Quan Jian continues to grab points and return to the top of the scoreboard

Tianjin Quan Jian's "civil war layman, foreign war layman" this season. With the Asian Championship coming out one round ahead of schedule, the Chinese Super League won 2-3 and only got 6 points. The team urgently needs to get points back to the top of the table.

[injury stop] the main full back of Quan Jian is in doubt

Tianjin Quan Jian's main full back Zhang Cheng has some pain reaction in his knee after the last round of competition. It's doubtful that he will play this game. If Zhang Cheng can't play, it's difficult to find a more suitable substitute for Quan Jian's current lineup.

[transfer] Western media revealed Iniesta's joining right

Western media reported this week that Barcelona midfielder Iniesta has reached an agreement with Quan Jian. Next, he will go to Tianjin Quan Jian to play. The two sides signed a contract for three years, with an annual salary of 37 million euros after tax. Before that, Quan Jian had refuted the news that Iniesta had joined for many times.

Prepare for a day off

Tianjin Quan Jian flew back to Tianjin from Guiyang in the morning of April 9, and finished simple recovery training at the base that afternoon. Coach Paul Middleton Sousa announced that the whole team would have a day off the next day. Sousa hoped that players could recover from fatigue as soon as possible with this precious rest period.

[remarks] captain Quan Jian said he had regained confidence

Zhang Lu, the captain of Tianjin Quanjian, said before the match that he had come out of the previous three consecutive defeats of the league and recovered his self-confidence. He wanted to win in a row against Suning in this match.