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What are the hottest short video apps in 2018

What are the hottest short video apps in 2018 with the rapid popularization of smart phones and Internet speeds, the threshold for video shooting and uploading has been greatly reduced, and the rapid development of the whole short video industry has been promoted. In 2017 and 2018, the short video app ushered in the spring, with explosive growth in both the number of videos and the number of users. Let's take a look at the short video app ranking.

1、 Tremolo

I remember the first time I knew about the short video of buffeting was watching the popular online play "spring wind is not as good as you". I advertised the app of the short video of buffeting in the interval advertisement. I just knew about the software at that time, but I didn't care much about it. Slowly the software became popular. According to the editor, the short video of buffeting has been online since September 2016. It should have been more than 500 days so far It has locked the first place in App Store photography and video applications and the second place in the free general list (it will rush to the first place in case of interruption). Within 365 days of online, it has realized the daily average video playback volume of more than 1 billion times and the daily life of more than 10 million.

2、 Quick hand

According to the official data of fast hand, in the past year, registered users of fast hand have increased from 400 million to 700 million, and daily active users have also changed from 30 million to 100 million. Although it is not all the credit of variety show, it should produce good investment benefit. In addition, according to media reports, up to now, the latest valuation of fast hand has reached 18 billion US dollars, and the 1 billion US dollars e-round financing opened years ago will also be completed in the near future. From this point of view, the fast hand has the ability to maintain sufficient economic support in this attention struggle to attract more new users.

3、 Watermelon video

Watermelon video's predecessor, the headline video, was launched in May 2016, and its content is mainly PGC short video. The short video platform, which is positioned as personalized recommendation, makes video recommendation through big data analysis of users' browsing volume, viewing records, length of stay, etc. In 2016, the short video fight broke out in an all-round way, and bat entered the arena successively. It is reported that more than 30 financing transactions have taken place. In September of the same year, CEO Zhang Yiming announced at the top creators' conference that he would give 1 billion yuan to short video creators as subsidies. According to the watermelon video team, the number of backstage users reached 100 million. Behind the tens of millions of daily activity, today's headlines clearly hope that independent apps can more independently launch short video services.

4、 Volcano

It is believed that mobile phone controllers are quite familiar with volcano short video. This short video app is one of the most popular short video apps at present. It can be said that the number of online users and daily logins and the total number of registrations only force wechat, Taobao and other permanent mobile phone software. After social questionnaire survey, this app is the most expected product for mobile phone controllers in the future, especially in line with today's headlines Since then, the black horse has swept the army, and the number of new people added to the volcano's short video every day is up to millions.

It can be said that its publicity is in place. First, it opens channels from young people, and improves its popularity with the help of popular online dramas.