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Why only Changsha has tea color drink shop

A hot beverage store is not a rare thing, but a brand of beverage store is alive, not the first case of joining in the whole country, so Changsha's tea color is one, why not join in? Let's get to know.

Is Changsha the only place where tea looks beautiful

Yes, it is found that cha Yan has printed 'Cha Yan Yuese' on every ticket purchased. At present, Cha Yan is only open in Changsha and does not accept joining. Any tea color shop in other cities in the country is a Shanzhai. I hope you know it. When I have money, I will sue them with slogans like 'so I can only come to Changsha if I want to drink authentic tea

Why don't you join us

The first local brand in Changsha, so it's only in Changsha that it's also a tea face feature

Second, I once said in the public account why I don't open stores in other regions because it's risky for Cha Yan not to join in and open stores in other regions

New Chinese fresh tea, as a tea culture, is no longer a new concept, but they represent different images. Local leaders have advantages, but it's not the same thing to fight in other people's territory. Cha Yan's brand positioning is still relatively accurate. Changsha hasn't really got a foothold. Foreign forces are still very strong. His own strength hasn't reached a certain level. In addition, the owner's desire is not to quickly circle money, so it's the right choice not to open up to join now Choose.

Changsha Tea Color address Inventory (part)

Tea color (bronze statue store 4)

Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street Simen Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street B McDonald's downstairs

Tea color (Hippo Park store)

58 Fuyuan West Road, Kaifu District

Cha Yan Yuese (Temple Street store)

First floor, Crowne Plaza, Wuyi Avenue, Wuyi business district

Tea color (BU Fenglian flower shop)

2 / F, Bufeng lotus, Xingsha store

Tea color (Xingsha Tongcheng store)

Xingsha Tongcheng Plaza Changsha Bancang middle road Tongcheng Commercial Plaza

Tea color (Tianma store 2)

Near Jiarunduo, fubuhe Road, Yuelu District

Tea color (No.1 shop in the gate)

Beside Baodao glasses, Shimen, Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street

Tea color (Yuefang eight stores)

In Yuefang South Square, Pozi Street

Tea color (six stores in Lehe city)

5 / F, Yuehe City, Zhongshan Pavilion, Wuyi Square

Tea color (POFU City store)

416 Furong Middle Road, Xinghan gate