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Who are the top four in 2018

Who are the top four in 2018 Beijing time, in the early morning of April 12, the quarter finals of the 2018 Champions League ended, and the top four teams of the Champions League were born. Four teams will compete in the semi-finals, and finally want to win the championship. Who are the top four teams of the 2018 Champions League? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Top four in the Champions League:

Real Madrid (Spain), Liverpool (England), Bayern Munich (Germany), Rome (Italy)

In the first leg, Anfield won 3-0 at home to Manchester City, the premier league leader. When they went to Etihad stadium and fell behind one goal away, they reversed 2-1. The total score of 5-1 in home and away doubles reached the Champions League semi-final 10 years later. Although Rome lost 4-1 away in the first leg, he returned to Italy and finished an epic reversal in the face of a strong opponent. He won Barcelona 3-0 cleanly at home, tied 4-4 in total score, relying on the weak advantage of an away goal to move the opponent to the top four.

Bayern, who returned to Allianz with a 2-1 win away from home, faced Sevilla. Although they failed to break the other side's goal in 90 minutes, the 0-0 result was enough to guarantee Bayern's promotion.

Real Madrid, who is in charge of Bernabeu, came with a 3-0 advantage, but was equalised 3-3 by Juve. In the injury stoppage period, benatia knocked down Basque Real Madrid in the penalty area and Buffon was sent off by the red card for seeking the referee's theory. In the seventh minute of the stoppage period, Cristiano Ronaldo hit and finally pulled the score to 1-3. Although the defending champion lost 3-1 at home, he had to rely on the precious total penalty score 4-3 to knock out the Italian champions and get tickets to the semi-finals.

Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Roma are all in the top four and will be the final Champions of the season.

According to the schedule of UEFA, the draw for the semi-finals will be announced on the afternoon of April 13, Beijing time at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, and the host and guest team positions of the final will be drawn according to the semi-finals. The first round of the semi-finals will be held in the early morning of April 25 and April 26, Beijing time, and the second round will be held on May 2 and may 3, Beijing time. The winners of the two rounds reach the final, which will be held at the National Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine, in the early hours of May 27, Beijing time.