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Can mint leaf cause palace cold? What are the benefits of mint we all know that mint leaves are cool. In general, moderate consumption will not cause palace cold. However, excessive consumption will easily cause discomfort such as palace cold. Can Gong Han eat mint? Let's take a look at it in detail!

Can peppermint cause palace cold

Excessive consumption of mint may cause uterine cold.

For postnatal reasons, such as cold wading, staying in cold places for a long time, blowing air conditioner during menstrual period, eating cold food or suffering from cold pathogen attack directly in the cold winter and December, all of these may cause external cold pathogens to agglomerate the palace and cause palace cold.

However, for the female with cool peppermint and deficiency cold, eating too much crabs may increase the possibility of causing palace cold; moreover, peppermint is fragrant and pungent, perspiration and gas consumption, and long-term consumption may also cause Qi deficiency.

Can Gong Han eat MINT

It's better not to eat peppermint cold. Usually, you can eat some hot and warm mutton soup, dates, longan, lychee and other things to dispel cold and warm your body. Warm tonic foods include beef, chicken, antler, etc.; kidney benefiting foods include cashew nuts, yam porridge, walnuts, etc. Palace cold, in addition to the usual dietary supplements, but also to avoid eating raw and cold food, less cabbage, white radish, green tea and other cold food. The most important thing is to keep warm at ordinary times.

What are the benefits of mint

1. Sweating and antipyretic

Peppermint contains volatile peppermint oil, which can excite the central nervous system, dilate the skin capillaries, promote the secretion of sweat glands, and has the inherent effect of sweating and antipyretic. It can be used for cold, fever, no sweat and other symptoms caused by exogenous wind heat.

2. Anti inflammatory and analgesic

Menthol is contained in peppermint, which has the effect of anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It can relieve headache, pain and swelling caused by nose, pharynx and laryngitis.

3. Soothing liver and relieving depression

Peppermint oil contained in peppermint is volatile, which has the effect of promoting Qi in the body, can soothe the liver and relieve depression, and can be used to treat liver depression, qi stagnation, chest and flank pain and other diseases.

4. Antipruritic

Menthol is contained in menthol, which can constrict blood vessels of skin and mucous membrane, paralyze nerve endings, relieve inflammation, pain and itch, and have a cool feeling. Menthol can be used for pruritus, eczema, rash, mosquito bites, etc.

5. Refresh your mind

Peppermint oil in peppermint has a pungent and cool fragrant smell, which can stimulate nerves, make people excited and refresh their minds. It is suitable for those who need to be refreshed in work, study and examination.

Taboo population of peppermint

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Menthol fragrant powder, sweating and gas consumption, yin deficiency and blood dryness, hyperactivity of liver Yang, and avoid taking it for those who have excessive sweating.

2. Pregnant women

Peppermint belongs to the medicine of pungent and cool kind, and some peppermint contain camphor, can cause fetal deformity or abortion.