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The latest application conditions of Jiuquan public rental house in 2018

The latest application conditions of Jiuquan public rental house in 2018 public rental housing is a welfare policy. It is a government or public opportunity to rent affordable housing to low-income groups at a price lower than the market price. Public rental housing is a considerate welfare for people with temporary housing difficulties. So what are the latest application conditions for Jiuquan public rental housing in 2018? Let's have a look.

How to apply for Jiuquan public rental?

The head of household shall be the applicant for the family that meets the conditions for low rent housing security; if the head of household does not have full civil capacity, the family member with full civil capacity shall be recommended by the applying family as the applicant. The applicant shall submit a written application to the local sub district office with relevant materials.

The families applying for public rental housing shall meet the following conditions at the same time:

(1) The per capita income of the applicant family meets the low-income standard determined by the municipal government;

(2) The per capita existing housing area of the applicant family conforms to the area standard determined by the municipal government;

(3) The applicant family has a non-agricultural account in the urban area of the city, and at least one member has obtained a non-agricultural account in the urban area of the city for more than three years;

(4) There is a legal relationship of support, support or upbringing between the members of the applying family.

The time of accepting the low rent housing security application is the first quarter and the third quarter of each year. The applicant shall provide the following materials at the time of application:

(1) "Jiuquan City rental housing subsidy application form" or "Jiuquan City physical rental application form" in duplicate;

(2) Apply for income certificate and housing status certificate issued by the unit or community neighborhood committee of the family member.

(3) The original and copy of the ID card and household register of the family members;

(4) The original and copy of the certificate of minimum living security for urban residents;

(5) The original and photocopy of the agreement of applying for family rental housing.

The auditing unit shall verify the family income and housing status of the applicant through household investigation, neighborhood visit, letter and other means. The applicant, relevant units and individuals shall cooperate and provide relevant information truthfully.

How to manage Jiuquan public rental housing?

Families who have obtained the qualification of low rent housing, affordable housing and limited price commodity housing: no need to apply again, as long as they register in the street or Township Housing Security Administration where the household registration is located. Fill in the "application for public rental housing waiting pre registration form" to enter the waiting range of public rental housing. Other families with housing difficulties outside the waiting family: if they want to apply for public rental housing, the relevant rules are still being formulated. These families can obtain the application qualification of public rental housing by applying for the "three room" qualification first.

Considering the economic burden of the public rental housing, combined with the current market situation of rental housing in our city, we hereby reply as follows:

1、 The rent standard of public rental housing in the residential area is 5.00 yuan / month per square meter.

2、 The rent standard for public rental housing is 4.00 yuan / month per square meter.

3、 The rent standard of public rental housing in Chengnan community is 2.50 yuan / month per square meter.

4、 The rent of public rental housing shall be calculated and collected according to the building area. The floor increase and decrease coefficient shall be formulated by your bureau according to relevant regulations and implemented after being reported to our bureau for filing.

The people's Government of the town (sub district office) shall arrange full-time or part-time staff to assist the housing security management agency to do a good job in the reporting and statistics of the demand for indemnificatory housing, the application acceptance of public rental housing and the preliminary qualification examination.