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Can squid's sucker be eaten? How to deal with it

Sihaiwang: in general, the sucker on the squid's whisker is not edible. The sucker on the squid's whisker is very dirty. There will be a lot of sediment in it. It contains harmful substances and is not suitable for eating. Let's see how to handle the squid suction cup.

Can I eat the sucker on the squid whisker

Can't eat.

Squid must be placed in a dense circle, i.e. suction cups, which can not be eaten, because these suction cups not only contain silt and dirt, but also contain substances harmful to human body. The suction cups should be cleaned completely before frying.

Tips: squid must have a dense circle, which looks like a suction cup, and also has the function of suction cup adsorption. This is also why there are sediment and other substances in the suction cup.

Comparison of squid with or without removal by suction cup

After the suction cup is cleaned, it will look smooth and the vision after cooking will be much better. And those who haven't been cleaned up look numb and quack. The patients with intensive phobia really can't accept it.

As shown in the figure below, I don't think this one looks very good.

The next one is the finished product. Is it much smoother.

How to deal with the sucker of squid whisker

1. It will come off if you wash and rub it slowly with your hands.

2. It may be too hard to squeeze them out by hand. You can rub the cut squid with salt, which can quickly rub the dirt out of the suction cup.

3. Soak in water with white vinegar and a small amount of salt in cooking wine for 20 minutes. Finally, take it out and use your hands to easily rub off the squid.

4. The claws on the squid's whiskers are easy to wash with alkali because of the suction cup (calcified cartilage). You can add baking soda to the water, and then put the squid in it, soak it and wash it.