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What is the price of glory 10? The ultimate revelation of glory 10 price

What is the price of glory 10? The ultimate revelation of glory 10 price Recently, the glory official announced that the new glory 10 will be released on April 19. According to the official notice, the mobile phone will use Huawei P20 gradient design (after all, it was a parent-child). What is the price of glory 10? Let's have a look.

Judging from the information disclosed at present, glory 10 will adopt the design of this year's Liu Haiping, and will be equipped with Kirin 970 chip. In addition, the top configuration version of the mobile phone will adopt the storage combination of 6GB + 256gb. Except that the camera is not Leica lens, the configuration of glory 10 is basically similar to that of Huawei P20, which can be regarded as the low configuration version of Huawei P20.

As the glory brand is more inclined to young users, it may be bolder in design than Huawei, and the use of color will be more vivid. As for the location of fingerprint identification, it is expected that similar to Huawei P20, the combination of heteromorphic full screen and pre fingerprint is adopted. In addition, glory 10 will also support face recognition.

It is reported that glory 10 will continue the gradual back shell of Huawei P20. It is said that glory 10 will provide a variety of gradient colors. In terms of color selection, we may learn from rainbow matching to highlight the vibrant features of young users at one time. In terms of price, the price of glory 10 is expected to start at 2000 yuan, and the price of high-end version is expected to be about 3000 yuan. Compared with Huawei P20, it is expected to have a price difference of nearly 1000 yuan. In contrast, glory 10 will be a good choice if you don't pay much attention to the performance of Leica cameras.