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What's the matter with a claim for 760000 for flies in the taillight of a Mercedes Benz Recently, Mr. Wang of Shaanxi sued Beijing Benz company and claimed 760000 yuan. It's only because of flies. What's the matter? Come and have a look.

The owner of the car sued the manufacturer Beijing Benz Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Benz company) for recovering the vehicle, double returning the purchase price and other losses totaling over 760000 yuan. The case was heard yesterday at the Daxing court in Beijing. Beijing Benz said that there was a gap in the tail lamp for heat dissipation, and the flies in the tail lamp of the vehicle involved in the case were entered during the use.

The owner of the taillight with flies is' very uncomfortable '

Mr. Wang, from Shaanxi Province, said that on June 26, 2015, he bought a Mercedes Benz car produced by Beijing Benz company at a price of 348000 yuan in Beijing. Last October, he found a fly in the taillight headlight on the left side of the vehicle.

Mr. Wang believed that the fly came in during the production of the original factory. Based on the quality defects of the car, he sued Beijing Benz company to the court and asked the defendant to recover the problem vehicle, double the paid purchase price and other losses, totaling more than 760000 yuan.

The Daxing Court opened yesterday morning to hear the case. After the judge asked how to find the flies, Mr. Wang said that he found a big fly in the tail light on the left side of the car after washing the car. "The flies are dead, and they don't move when shooting the lights. Although there is no obvious impact on the use of the vehicle, it makes people feel uncomfortable. '

Mr. Wang said that since there was no 4S shop in his place, he could only find a repair shop to deal with it. The staff of the repair shop told him that flies were entered in the production of the original factory. He contacted Beijing Benz company for after-sales service, and the other side asked them to go to the 4S shop for treatment, but because they didn't explain that they had to bear the corresponding costs, the flies in the tail light haven't been treated.

Before the court session, Mr. Wang's video and photos of his lamp provided to reporters showed that there was a complete fly in the lamp.