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How much is Swarovski bee Bracelet in 2018, Swarovski's little bee series not only has bracelets and necklaces, but also looks good. It's a proper Gucci style. Let's have a look!

How much is Swarovski bee Bracelet

What is the material of Swarovski bee Bracelet

Swarovski bee bracelet is made of gold-plated material.

Fireworks March, attract bees to attract butterflies, Swarovski's new creativity, in 2018, launched Lilia and lisabel series inspired by butterflies and bees, and remix series which can be combined freely, bringing together all the trend elements of this season, so that you can match a unique and exclusive style.

How much is Swarovski bee Bracelet

Swarovski's new 2018 bee series is very beautiful, a little Dior and Gucci

Later, I heard that the designer of Gucci was changed. No wonder & hellip; & hellip;

It's not rose gold. It's yellow gold, but it's still very white

The magnetic interface is very firm and will not fall off under normal conditions

Cost performance is too high, less than 1000 yuan, and super versatile, really necessary in spring and summer, recommended to you children's shoes.

Why Swarovski's little bee Bracelet burst red

Swarovski's new bee bracelets and necklaces have quietly become popular, and have been brushed by various fashion experts, online celebrities and shopping agents. This new set of products comes from the early summer 2018 series. This season's new products take Rainbow Paradise as the theme, and are mainly designed by Natalie & middot; Gelian, creative director. This season's new products not only have lovely bees, but also the shapes of butterflies and flowers. The colors are also very beautiful. Red, yellow, green and blue show the beautiful scene of spring.

However, the bracelet and necklace of this bee have become popular. The main reason is that this bee element has collided with Dior and Gucci. Especially Gucci, since the design transformation, gucci has been very fond of the bee element, which has become a representative element of the brand. Bee patterns appear on a variety of items launched by the brand, such as shoes, bags, clothing, etc., especially bees Design the main necklace, earrings, rings and watches. It can be said that Gucci has fried the bee element red. Compared with the price of Gucci's Bee single product, Swarovski's bee is much cheaper, so it should be concerned.