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Hammer new machine release high definition spy photo of hammer new machine nut 3

On April 9, hammer will hold a press conference in Beijing, and the protagonist is not the rumored T3, but their impulse model nut 3.

After the exposure of the black version, the white version of the so-called nut 3 real high-definition image has also been exposed. Judging from the pictures posted on the microblog by netizens, it really adopts the same overall screen shape as millet's mix2, with the top, left and right borders reserved, and the bottom has chin, which also provides the slim fingerprint home key, which should integrate the fingerprint identification function.

In addition, from the real picture, nut 3 model is indeed oc105, equipped with Xiaolong 625 processor, built-in 4GB memory + 64GB storage space, 5.99 inch FHD + screen, rear dual 13 million pixel camera, front 8 million pixel lens.

After seeing these spy photos, some netizens joked that this is the millennial version of "millet mix 2S". However, the biggest problem of the mobile phone is that the processor is too old, and I hope that these revelations are not accurate. After all, this is the model that is going to sell from 1599 yuan. The competitors are Meilan E3 and Hongmi note 5.

At least it's a snapdragon 636 processor, right? PS: so it's still a black version that looks more pleasing