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Precautions and preparations for plateau travel

Four seas network: plateau tourism is common in recent years. People always yearn for higher and more dangerous places. Want to go to a column of nature's infinite scenery. So what should we pay attention to and prepare for in the plateau area? Xiaobian will give you some knowledge today.

Precautions and preparations for plateau travel

Preparation before entering the plateau

1. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited to prevent upper respiratory tract infection. To avoid overwork, we should be fully rested. Take Panax quinquefolium and so on properly to enhance the anti hypoxia ability of the body. If there is respiratory infection, it should be cured before entering the plateau.

2. Consult with people who have experience in plateau life to know what to do and avoid unnecessary tension.

3. If you have never been to the plateau, you must have a strict physical examination before entering the plateau. Severe anemia or hypertension patients, do not blind into the plateau.

4. Good psychological quality is a panacea to overcome and overcome altitude reaction. Keeping open-minded and optimistic mood and building strong self-confidence can reduce the physical discomfort in the high altitude reaction zone. Worry, over thinking, a little discomfort will be nervous, but will increase the oxygen consumption of brain tissue, so that the body discomfort intensified, so that the self-healing time is prolonged.

Precautions on the way to plateau

1. Pay attention to prepare enough warm clothes to prevent cold. Cold and respiratory tract infection may promote acute altitude sickness.

2. As far as possible, the preparation of oxygen and drugs for the prevention and treatment of acute altitude sickness, as well as drugs for the prevention and treatment of colds, antibiotics and vitamins, etc.

3. As it takes a long time to enter the plateau by car, the accommodation conditions on the way are poor, and the physical consumption is large, so in addition to the above items, you should also prepare water or drinks and delicious and digestible food, so as to supplement the necessary water and heat of the body in time.

4. If serious mountain reaction symptoms appear on the way to the plateau, they should be dealt with immediately. If it is serious, oxygen should be absorbed. In case of severe chest distress, severe cough, dyspnea, cough of pink foam sputum, or slow response, apathy, or even coma, in addition to the above treatment, it is necessary to go to a nearby hospital for rescue as soon as possible, or transfer to a lower altitude area as soon as possible, so as to recover from the treatment.