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What should I do if I buy a bigger shoe? How can I wear a bigger shoe

What should I do if I buy a bigger shoe when you buy shoes online, you will encounter the problem that the number is not standard. If you are not careful, you will find that the shoes you buy are too big, but you are too lazy to return them. What should you do if the shoes are too big? How to improve the shoes? Let's have a look.

What to do if the shoes are big

1、 If it's casual shoes, sports shoes and so on, if you don't follow your feet when walking, the shoes with shoelaces will be fastened again;

2、 In the process of wearing shoes, don't twist your feet deliberately or unintentionally, because some people will have the habit of turning the foot board or kneeling on the toes of the cushions.

What to do if the shoes are big

Plug toilet paper. When it comes to the way of inserting toilet paper, I think you all know it. Just pull some soft toilet paper and insert it into the shoes. However, you should pay attention to filling the space inside the shoes. You'd better fill it according to your own foot shape, which will be more or less comfortable. In fact, this way will still make your toes uncomfortable.

What to do when the shoes are big

Can pad a insole and then a raised insole. Insoles can make shoes not so big, but two pairs of insoles are not easy to handle, so choose to add high insoles, many small stalls can buy, a few dollars are not equal. In this way, the overall effect will be better and people will look higher. If it's autumn and winter shoes, you can wear a pair of thicker socks. What about the big shoes? Please pad the insole, which is beautiful and solves the big problem of shoes.

What to do if the shoes are big

Heel pad. Nowadays, many stores sell heel pads for shoes that grind their feet or are too large, but experiments show that the pads can't play a big role. Another way is to fold the silica gel forefoot pad into the heel, which not only fills the extra space in the heel, but also increases the friction force to make the shoes wear more stably. Moreover, the silica gel insole is very soft and has a certain protective effect on the feet. Unfortunately, the silica gel insole can not keep its shape after folding in half, unless it is fixed by a stapler, so we have to stop. What about the big shoes? Maybe the heel pad works well.

What about the big shoes? To sum up, it is to pad the insole and heel and fill up the space.