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The function and function of lettuce leaf

We usually eat lettuce. It's very delicious and nutritious. Its leaves can also be eaten. It has different flavors. Let's have a look!

The effect and function of lettuce leaf 1. There are white things like milk in the milk promoting lettuce leaf, that is, those things will promote the growth of breast and help the breast produce milk faster, so the lettuce leaf is very suitable for postpartum people to eat. 2. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lettuce leaves are cold and bitter. Eating lettuce leaves can benefit five internal organs, channels, chest and lungs, Qi, bones and muscles, white teeth, eyes, milk and urination. 3. There are a lot of plant fibers for lubricating intestinal lettuce leaves. These plant fibers can help the intestinal tract peristalsis, enhance the vitality of the intestinal tract, repair the intestinal skin damaged by diarrhea for a long time, and make the intestinal tract function better. 4. There are many kinds of vitamins and minerals in the calming and anti disturbance lettuce leaves. They have the function of regulating the nervous system and won't make the nervous system extremely excited. Friends who can't always sleep at night can eat more lettuce leaves. Eating nerves at night won't make them so excited. It's easy to sleep. 5. Help to grow lettuce with high iodine content, which will have a favorable impact on the basic metabolism and physical development of the human body. The nutrition of lettuce leaf is much higher than that of lettuce stem. The fluorine element contained in lettuce leaf diet can participate in the formation of enamel and dentin and the growth of bone.

Is lettuce leaf a kind of lettuce? Is lettuce leaf not a kind of lettuce

Lettuce leaves are similar in appearance and taste to the lettuce. Many people are easy to mix them up, but they are not the same thing. Oilwheat vegetable is a kind of green leaf vegetable which is popular in the market in recent years. Its leaves are thin and flat, and its fleshy stem is thin and short. From the perspective of blood relationship, lettuce belongs to a variety of leaf lettuce - long leaf lettuce, which is similar to the familiar lettuce, so it is also called niuli lettuce.

Lettuce is a kind of sharp leaf lettuce with tender shoots and tender leaves as its products. Its leaves are long lanceolate, thin and flat, and its shoots are thin and short. Similar to the familiar lettuce, it is light green in color. It is a kind of vegetable with low calorie and high nutrition.

Lettuce leaf is the leaf of lettuce, but its shape is wrinkled and it is an annual herb.

How to make lettuce leaf soup. Mix flour and water to make flour and water for use. Put the washed lettuce leaves into hot water, make a copy, take out the water, and then cut them into pieces. Then boil the water. After the water boils, pour the flour water into the pot and stir evenly. After the water boils again, sprinkle the broken eggs into the pot. Then add the prepared lettuce leaves and add some salt.

2、 Stir fried cabbage with lettuce leaves. Take out the lettuce leaves in hot water and cut them. In a hot oil pan, stir fry the hot oil in chili sauce, then stir fry the snow vegetables, then stir fry the lettuce leaves in the pan, and then stir fry the sugar evenly.

3、 Add water and salt, chicken essence, pepper and sesame oil to the shredded lettuce leaves and egg flour. Add oil and heat in a pan, pour the stirred raw materials into a pancake shape, turn it over after setting, and the yellow ones will be cooked when both sides become yellow.

4、 Lettuce leaves in scallion oil. Remove the lettuce leaves, wash them, put them in hot water, take them out and put them on the plate, cut the chili or garlic and sprinkle them on the lettuce leaves, sprinkle salt and chicken essence, and finally pour in the onion oil. When eating, stir well.