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Is mosquito repellent Bracelet useful? Is the liquid of mosquito repellent Bracelet poisonous there are many mosquitoes in summer. Many mothers will prepare mosquito repellent bracelets for their babies to wear on their wrists. Are they really useful? Does the liquid in the bracelet affect the body?

Is mosquito repellent Bracelet useful? Is the liquid of mosquito repellent Bracelet poisonous

Is the liquid of mosquito repellent Bracelet poisonous

Whether there is poison in the liquid of mosquito repellent Bracelet depends on the internal filler. The principle of mosquito repellent bracelet is very simple, just like the use of wormwood in rural areas to smoke mosquitoes. The mosquito repellent bracelet is precisely used to extract the mosquito repellent ingredients from plants, which are plant essential oils. The natural plant essential oil extracted from them is the main component of the mosquito repellent bracelet, which is generally non-toxic.

Of course, some of the inferior mosquito repellent bracelets are made of toxic substances, such as DEET, which is also known as diethyl Methylenediamine. This substance is toxic.

Is mosquito repellent Bracelet useful

1. Natural essential oil ingredients, such as citronella essential oil, lemon eucalyptus essential oil and lavender essential oil, are added into the mosquito repellent bracelet. The purpose of mosquito repellent is to use the fragrance of these essential oils when they are volatilized.

2. The mosquito repellent bracelet has some effect, but it can't completely avoid mosquitoes. At the time of purchase, carefully check whether the product is a qualified product produced by a regular manufacturer. People with skin allergies should buy carefully.

3. A real mosquito repellent bracelet can bring a fresh feeling and help clarify your mind. Especially Eucalyptus essential oil, which has a calming effect on emotions, can make the mind clear and concentrate. Lavender essential oil has the functions of calming emotions, eliminating depression and soothing trauma. It is easy for you to fall asleep, relieve anxiety and relieve muscle fatigue.

How to choose mosquito repellent Bracelet

Generally, the price of mosquito repellent bracelet with pure natural ingredients will be more expensive, at least hundreds of them, while the chemical ingredients of mosquito repellent bracelet with several to dozens of yuan on the market are not recommended to buy these. It is better to buy some well-known brands to buy mosquito repellent bracelet.