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What is a slag man? How to identify a slag man

A man who damages, injures, and consumes women. How to identify the slag man? What kind of men are you? Come with Xiaobian to see what kind of group slag man is!

What do you mean

Dross man refers to a man who does not want to make progress in his career in the society and gives up his life. The man who doesn't take his feelings seriously, is irresponsible, is not single-minded to his partner, and is prone to change from day to night. When he has time, he will be ambiguous. No responsibility for the family. This kind of people are called scum type men in the eyes of ordinary people.

Slag man is not necessarily a bad person, but a bad person has three wrong views, while slag man is a problem of character. Men are bad but not necessarily scum, some men are not bad but very scum.

How to identify the slag man

1、 Sweet words for you

A woman is often carried away by a man's sweet words and agrees to many things. Girls should be aware that before saying these words to you, I don't know how many women he has said them hundreds of times. He comes at his fingertips, but you still feel very fresh. Girls should keep a clear mind and accept his praise, but don't indulge in it so that they don't know what's going on after being sold.

2、 There's always a reason

They are always wandering among many girls, but they have only one person, and they don't have separation skills, so what should we do? Then the reason is the best reason for their separation. They always use business trips, meetings and other reasons. When they are free, they can call you for a long time. When they are not free, they may not answer your calls. Of course, someone may be true At work, but often in this state, 90% of them are slag men.

3、 It's a kind of hook up, it's erratic

It's man's nature to hook up. Who makes most of the population in nature capture females to get more offspring? You say that he only talks to you, does he say he likes you? He says he would like to be with you and make you a treasure? Even if he says, does he do so? There are only two things hidden in the world: poverty and love. If I really like you, I won't hide and hide. I'll play hide and seek with you, and I won't say I'm dead.

4、 Like to ask you for reasons

Many bad guys don't ask you for money when they don't have money, but they have a way to pretend to be drunk. When they are drunk, they tell you how they like you, but they can't give you a good life. They want to start a business without money, etc. the drunk man is the most heartbreaking. Can you be moved at this time? Can you give money? But when you finally ask where the money is going, he But I can't understand.

5、 Unidentified occupation

In order to get rid of you in the future, many bad guys will not give you too much information, and you will not want to check his ID card and other items at first. Of course, you may have thought about it, but you can't see it at all. In order to get rid of the entanglement, many dregs like to use the missing method, because you may only have his name and phone number, and they don't know other things.

6、 Just the present, not the future

He can flirt with you and fall in love with you, but he will never talk about the future, nor will he talk about marriage with you. Maybe he will take you to see relatives and friends, that is, he will not talk about the future marriage. If you insist, the end result is either a fight or a breakup. Don't think the love he said is a grave. The one who really likes you will want to marry you in a dream.

What kind of man is a scum man

1、 Dross man is a man who lacks ideal and indolence

A man who is ambitious and enterprising can bring a sense of security to a woman and make her life full of hope. To a large extent, a man's ideal is his wife's best cosmetics, which is a good tonic for a woman to keep a good attitude. Although in the real world, women can also create and succeed in their careers, after all, women's physiological characteristics and traditional concepts make them have to pay more attention to their families and to their husbands and children. Therefore, women are more eager for the success of their husband's career and the prosperity of their wives. However, if the married man has nothing to do all day, neither ideal nor pursuit of life nor action of pursuing career success, it will undoubtedly lead the whole family into a dilemma of confusion, and also bring the despair of happy life to his wife.

2、 A bad man is a man who doesn't know how to love others

Women don't need to scold men for their playfulness. It's a man's nature to think of changes. After all, men are naturally interested in new things and beautiful women, which is the fundamental difference between men and women. However, after marriage, a man should take care of himself and be responsible for his wife, children and family. This is the basic quality of a man of character. Therefore, when a woman chooses a marriage partner, she needs not only emotional acceptance of him, but also rational psychological acceptance. Especially when we find the flaws of each other's character in the process of love, or when we find that men have become irresistible, women should learn how to cherish themselves, and there is no need to grieve for men who are not special in their feelings and who are eager to change their minds.

3、 He is a self righteous and extremely selfish man

Egotism and selfishness are human nature as well as human nature. No matter the so-called noble people or the people with low taste, they just show different degrees of egotism and selfishness, which brings different feelings to other people. Men should have the nature and responsibility to protect women. Husband and wife should take care of each other, be considerate to each other, and contribute to each other. As men who bear the main family responsibilities, if they can't even make money to support their families, if they can't even be loyal to marriage, if they can't even respect their wives, such men are basically unreliable, On the other hand, it's also a man who can easily ruin a woman's happy life.

4、 He is a man of bigotry and narrow mind

China has always been a society of male supremacy. Although the status of women has been rising with each passing day since the founding of new China, it is obviously impossible for the male chauvinism formed in thousands of years to die out completely. That is to say, women in love can be queen, but women after marriage still have to face the reality. Most men like to make decisions to show their status and dignity in the family, which should be fully understood by women. However, if a man overemphasizes these and ignores the feelings of women, it will become paranoid and narrow-minded. It's not just about work, it's not just about life, it's about getting along with family. Living with such men, women often feel uncomfortable or even very painful.

5、 Slag man is an introverted and poor communication man

Modern society is a highly civilized and fast changing society. In the era when timely communication is needed to enhance understanding and feelings between people, without communication, it is impossible to solve all kinds of contradictions and problems among lovers, couples, neighbors, and even colleagues. That is to say, communication in modern society has become the main means for people to solve problems. No communication, no harmony, no harmony. Especially in today's divorce rate is rising, the root of many couples' divorce lies in the lack of communication, at least communication is not in place. Good communication can not only resolve the misunderstanding between husband and wife, but also improve the relationship between husband and wife, especially the introverted man should pay more attention to communication. If a woman meets a man who can't communicate well and can't adapt herself, the best way to deal with it is not to marry him.

Nine characteristics of a dreary man

1、 Male chauvinism

At the beginning, some women may think that men who like to control everything are very 'man'. They just need to be a submissive little woman. But if the other side's desire for control can't be based on the premise of respecting you, everything should be based on his ideas and opinions, or even conceited to fake the name of "love" and "control", it will only make you like a bird in a cage that can't fly out, and there is no free air to breathe.

2、 Sticky people

A survey once pointed out that boys hate their girlfriends to manage too much and cling to people. It seems that they want to get bored with each other all the time. They not only require their boyfriends to attend social gatherings with their sisters, but also all kinds of activities of their boyfriends. Once the other party is away from their sight, they keep on calling to make the other party gasp for breath. In the same way, it can be proved that if a girl likes to have her own space and meets a boy with sticky kicks, she will also feel suffocated. Because, what this represents is not only his lack of self-confidence, but also his loss of the ability to survive in the world.

3、 Lying

It may be human nature to lie, but if we lie for some bad purposes, we may lose trust with each other and become the cause of emotional breakdown. Even sometimes in order to round a lie, we have to force ourselves to say more lies to make up for it, but we don't know that every lie has a gap. Once it's broken, it's not just a emotional crisis, but a question about your personality.

4、 Not clean

Not loving clean is a mine that many people can't bear, but it is also the biggest bad habit hidden behind many bright men and women. Some boys said: 'Mingming's girlfriend looks clean and beautiful, but she is unbelievable at home. She can even go to bed without taking a bath. 'some boys are very sloppy. The room seems to have been bombed. They throw dirty clothes and socks at random, which makes the other half of them very bothered.

5、 Drinking and smoking

Drinking may be harmless, but if the other half is an alcoholic who drinks too much and loves to go crazy, even the other half who has a disorderly sex after drinking, no one can stand it. Drinking is not only harmful to the body and mind, but also more likely to do irreparable and self injuring things under the circumstances of losing control of reason. And smoking is also harmful to the body's bad addiction, for their own health and the people around them, or try to stop smoking and alcohol bar!

6、 Impolite

Everyone likes to be polite, but some people are proud of being "informal" and "being themselves". They don't know how to deal with advance and retreat, and they take it for granted. In fact, politeness is a kind of respect and also represents a person's moral character. Being polite in the workplace will be welcomed by others. Being polite in love will also make your partner and other family members like you. So, please put "please, thank you, I'm sorry" on your lips at the right time. It's also a kind of love.

7、 Face loving

In a relationship, a face loving person is usually not easy to bow his head, even though he is wrong, and he is not willing to admit his mistakes and do not want to show weakness first. But no matter in love or in marriage, timely concessions and compromises are absolutely the only way to maintain harmony and sweetness. If the person is not willing to do so, you need to be prepared for each apology.

8、 Flower heart

Although some boys have girlfriends, they still keep the relationship of "more than friendship and less than lovers" with many female friends. Some girls also rely on their own appearance advantages, hover among many pursuers, and even conceal that they have men