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Ronaldo shook hands with the air fans, which shows that the fans are in their hearts

at present, Italy has become the hardest hit area of COVID-19. Many rounds of Serie A have been postponed and postponed. After a series of discussions, the Italian national Derby was finally held on March 9, but the high-profile game can only be played empty. After the Juve bus arrived at the stadium, a series of actions of Ronaldo reflected the fans in their hearts.

After getting off the team bus, Ronaldo stretched out his hand and made a serious high five with the fans, which was called high five with air by foreign media. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, a large number of fans would gather around the team bus and wait for the players to get off and clap hands with them. Today, although the fans can't enter the stadium to watch the game, the president still makes the same action as before.

After that, Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus entered the Allianz stadium for warm-up before the game. After entering the stadium, the empty stands formed a sharp contrast with the previous situation. At this time, Ronaldo walked to the stage and raised his arms to high five, which is also the habitual action of Portuguese stars. It seems that whether there are fans in the stands or not, the president will continue to do so.

This game is also the first 1000 game milestone of Ronaldo's career first team. In this game, Ronaldo shot nine times, but only one time, and failed to score in his Millennium milestone. However, Ronaldo still sent an assist for teammate Ramsey to help Juventus beat inter 2-0 and regain the top position in the Serie A table. And these moves of Ronaldo also seem to want to leave some sense of ceremony in his thousands of milestones.