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What to prepare for the hike in Tibet in April

April is a good season for hiking. Spring wind and sunshine are just right. Tibet is the first choice for many hikers. So, what do we have to prepare to go to Tibet by ourselves?

What to prepare for the hike in Tibet in April

Common sense of self-help travel in Tibet

1. Clothing

Because the temperature in Tibet is very low and the temperature difference between day and night is very large, it is necessary to wear down clothes and warm pile clothes. If you go hiking or mountaineering in Tibet, you should prepare a set of sweaty underwear. In the wild, it's very troublesome to have sweat on your body, and it will quickly take away the heat on your body, which is very dangerous. In addition, special attention should be paid to the fact that it rains almost every day in July and August in Tibet, which requires that all equipment should be waterproof.

2. Backpack

On the premise of sufficient use, the less luggage and backpacks you can carry when traveling to Tibet, the better. Generally, a backpack with a capacity of less than 45 liters is enough. If you take part in some outdoor hiking and camping activities, a big backpack and a small backpack are enough. In addition, the rain cover is also one of the necessary things, not only for rain, but also dust-proof.

3. Traveling kettle

The water in Tibet is very pure, some of which can be directly drunk. On the plateau, there are often tens of kilometers of smoke free, and there are often no meals, so it's very useful to take a kettle with you.

4, shoes

For travelers or hikers, a pair of breathable, warm and suitable travel shoes is essential. The best choice is the mountaineering shoes with hard bottom and high top, which are not easy to get into the sand and stone, and are not easy to fall off when passing through the mud. They are also better for water separation and warmth preservation.

5. Sunscreen

It must be used to avoid peeling. The plateau air is thin and the sun is direct. Sunscreen can prevent skin peeling.

6. Sunglasses

Because of the high altitude and thin atmosphere, the solar radiation intensity in Tibet is very high, and the ultraviolet radiation is particularly strong, so sunglasses are indispensable. It should be noted that not all sunglasses are suitable. To choose Sunglasses with UV filtering function, it is better to choose Sunglasses with 100% UV protection.

7. Sleeping bag

If it's July or August, it's warm enough to bring a 1kg duck down sleeping bag. To buy more than 80% velvet, compressed volume than a large bottle of coke is not much larger.