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Full Score composition of the first college entrance examination in 2017 appreciation of Full Score the first full score composition of 2017 college entrance examination came out from Jiangsu Province. The composition requirements of 2017 college entrance examination in Jiangsu volume are to take cars as the topic, select the angle, unlimited subject matter, except poetry, 800 words. Let's enjoy the first full score composition of 2017 college entrance examination!

Life is like a road, get on the bus

It is always said that life is like a road, broad or claustrophobic; flat or rugged; barren or full of scenery.

Since life is a road to the unknown, what carries us through this long road of life is only those various' cars of life '.

Childhood: my mother's scooter.

I remember that when I was a child, it was more difficult at home. I didn't have the same car as other children, and I didn't have groups of Barbie dolls. I was accompanied by only one hand scooter. The wheels at the rear left were still crooked.

Although not as rich as other children's toys, the happiest memory of childhood is that my mother pushed it and carried me around the corner of the town. Later, I learned to ride around on it. Behind the scooter, there was always a figure who was lurching after me for fear that I would fall.

Almost 20 years later, I have grown up and my mother is no longer strong. That scooter is still in the attic. Although it is piled with ash and rusty joints, I will never forget the first soft and happy time of life that it accompanied me.

This car is called maternal love.

Youth: green bike.

After twelve years old, we can go on the road by bike.

In those years, every day seems to be inseparable from bicycles: every morning and evening, we need to ride bicycles to school; every big class, the class will arrange special students on duty to put the bicycles in order; every day, the most discussed topic with friends is: 'let's ride back home in the evening!'

Began to hazy like people, slowly growing a flower in the bottom of my heart. Every time on the way to school, I would look at the door of his community for a long time, looking forward to him riding the blue mountain bike out, then pretending to meet and go to school together.

Even if not, secretly put himself and his bike together, has become the biggest happiness of the day.

Even once, my bike broke down and he drove me home. Along the way, I was excited to cry.

Although I haven't seen him since graduation, and his eyebrows and eyes are gradually blurred in my memory, I'm very grateful to that boy, who once carried me a thin miss at my age when I was most in a mess.

This car is called youth.

Middle age: a struggling car.

Once upon a time, a money worship woman said, "I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle.". '

It is true that in today's materialistic world of flowers, pure things are often cheap and not valued by people, while fake things are often expensive, which makes everyone rush for them.

More and more money, more and more money, more and more luxury houses, more and more expensive cars, more and more famous brands.

No matter how much money you earn, you can eat, drink, and Lazar. No matter how big the house is, only one side of it is soft to live in. No matter how luxurious the car is, it's just a walking tool.

The reason why middle-aged people work hard is that they are always dissatisfied.

They live in luxury houses, drive luxury cars, but forget how poetic life.

It's sad to think about it.

Car house is not the whole of life. If the heart is rotten, life will not be sublimated even if you ride on a million luxury car.

It's time to stop and have a good look at the scenery of life.

This car is called desire.

Old age: a quiet cart.

When you're old and gray and dozing by the fire, you may be sitting in a wheelchair.

At this time, you may be alone, or your descendants may be in groups, but at this time, it's time for you to really operate the car of life alone.

You may drive this car alone, watch the flowers bloom and fall at the bedside, cloud roll and cloud ease; you may sit in this car, or regret or happily recall your life; you may cry in this car, laugh in this car, or even go through this life in this car.

At that time, you should be the bravest and most calm you.

Because through the rise and fall of life, nothing can hit you, nothing can destroy you.

This car is called wisdom.

It is these different cars that carry us through a long life. No matter which one, we should cherish it.

Because everyone's journey is unique.