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Registration process of CPA examination in 2018 the registration time of the CPA examination in 2018 is from April 2 to April 28, 2018, and the registration website is the national unified CPA examination online registration system. Please log in to the website during the opening time of the online reporting system (8:00-20:00 every day). Now let's explain the registration steps in detail.

Details of online registration steps:

1. Log in the official website of China injection Association and enter the online reporting system.

2. All the old and new candidates need to register again.

3. Read the "agreement on the use of online registration service for the national unified examination of certified public accountants". If you accept it, click the "I accept" button to proceed to the next step.

4. Fill in the registration information according to the corresponding prompts. After filling in the information correctly, click the "register" button.

5. Click the "register" button, and the "congratulations on your successful registration" will pop up! 'for. You can save the screenshot of this page for later viewing.

6. After the registration information is successful, click "I want to register". Or after opening the online newspaper system, you can see information such as "I want to sign up", "upload photos" and "online payment" on the left side of the page. Correspondingly, the information on the right side needs to be read carefully.

7. Click "I want to register" and enter the registration type selection. At this time, you can see that candidates from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Europe are registered. Choose according to your own conditions. Be careful not to make a wrong choice. Once it is selected, it cannot be changed.

8. Click to enter the "national unified examination of Certified Public Accountants online registration agreement", check and confirm.

9. Then enter the 'measures for handling violations of national unified examination of Certified Public Accountants', you can browse the corresponding terms, check and confirm.

10. Enter the [application process] page, and you can see the application process on the left: select the test area, fill in the application information, select the application subject, upload the photo, confirm the information, diploma certification, complete the application information filling, print the application information form, and pay online. When signing up, please follow the steps and fill in the information. Do not fill in the wrong information.

For the first time, the applicant shall also upload the qualified photos of his / her 1-inch bareheaded Certificate in the latest one year in the online newspaper system. In case of any change in relevant information of non first time applicants, it shall be filled in again. After the completion of the payment procedures, you can query the personal registration status in the online report system; the new graduates can log in the online report system to query the personal registration status within the specified time. Applicants who fail to pass or pay the registration fee cannot download and print the examination permit and take the examination.