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Travel safety is the first thing to travel

Four seas net: go out to play, unavoidably meet many people. We must be safety first during our trip. What other safety precautions should we pay attention to when we travel?

Travel safety is the first thing to travel

Be careful of these diseases when traveling

1、 Cardiogenic asthma

Rush tired, often can induce or aggravate the acute attack of cardiogenic asthma. The clinical manifestations are cough, wheezing, dyspnea, etc. The patient should first take a half lying position, and take turns to tie the three limbs of the patient with a cloth belt, once every 5 minutes, which can reduce the burden of the heart.

2、 Syncope

Fainting is usually caused by tiredness. The patient suddenly faints, unconscious, pale and sweating. At this time, never move the patient at will. First, observe whether the patient's heart rate and breath are abnormal. If the heart rate and breath are normal, pat the patient gently and call loudly to wake him up. If there is no response, it indicates that the situation is complex and should be sent to the hospital immediately for emergency treatment.

3、 Angina pectoris

Most of them are caused by fatigue, satiety, agitation, cold, etc. Therefore, patients with angina pectoris history should take first-aid drugs when they travel in autumn. In case of angina pectoris, it should first sit up and not move, and quickly give nitroglycerin under the tongue, and at the same time take musk Baoxin Pill or Su Bing drop pill and other drugs to alleviate the disease.

4、 A cold

Long distance travel, different temperature, large temperature difference, it is easy to catch a cold. Pay attention to the increase and decrease of clothes at any time.

5、 Acute gastroenteritis

Due to the unclean food or drinking water during the journey, it is easy to cause various acute intestinal diseases such as vomiting, diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. The companions should immediately send the patient to the nearby hospital for diagnosis and treatment, and disinfect the vomiting and diarrhea according to the epidemic prevention requirements to prevent the spread.

6、 Bite

Insect bites occur from time to time during travel. The wounds can be washed with alkaline liquid to relieve pain. If there are any adverse symptoms, you should go to the nearby hospital in time.

7、 Acclimatization

Water quality, diet, climate and so on are different in different places. Some people do not adapt to this kind of change very well. They will not be satisfied with the water and local conditions. They will suffer from anorexia, insomnia, dizziness and weakness and other symptoms. Can be adjusted from the diet, eat more fruit, eat less greasy.