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What's the harm of using mobile phone in toilet? After watching it, I was scared and sweated

For many people, the bathroom is a "newspaper room". It used to read newspapers and magazines, but now it has become a mobile phone. I believe that many people have done this, in fact, playing with mobile phones in the toilet has a great harm to the body, and it's the most painful if the mobile phone falls out of the toilet accidentally!

What harm does going to the toilet and playing mobile phones do to the body?

Hemorrhoids and rectal mucosa fall off easily after a long time

Keeping defecation posture for a long time will easily lead to congestion of rectal varices and hemorrhoids. Playing mobile phone in the toilet is one of the most direct reasons for prolonging the time of going to the toilet. Related article link:

Constipation caused by missing the meaning of defecation

Playing mobile phones will inevitably distract the attention when defecating, and if you don't pay attention to it, you will miss it, which will lead to constipation. &Lsquo; then meaning & rsquo; is very precious for many people. Once they miss it, they may not be able to work hard. For those who find it difficult to defecate, don't regard going to the bathroom as a boring or painful thing, and try to kill time by reading or playing games. The more you do this, the more you will deliberately suppress the 'defecation intention', resulting in the disappearance of conditioned reflex, so sitting in the toilet for half a day is useless. It's better to form the habit of regular defecation every day, so as to form a conditioned reflex over time. Once the "defecation" comes, you should spare time to go to the bathroom no matter how busy you are at work. Do not take any entertainment products in your hand. The defecation time should not exceed 10 minutes. Related article link:

Dizziness, distention and numbness of legs

Squatting time is too long, easy to make blood flow down, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, normal people squat for a long time and suddenly stand up will appear dizzy, dizzy and brain swelling. The circulation of blood is blocked for a long time, and the oxygen supply of cells is insufficient. Once the blood returns, some nerves will be numb, and some people will often have leg numbness Related article link:

The body inhales toxic gas, which is easy to cause inflammation

When sitting in the toilet, a closed space is formed between the body and toxic substances. Over a long time, these poisonous gases will enter the human body and cause various kinds of inflammation, such as anal inflammation, chronic vaginitis and even cervical cancer. From this point of view, defecation should also pursue "short and smooth", and minimize the contact time between human body and toxic substances.