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Tough Wujing also eats chicken

Tough Wujing also eats chicken yesterday, Wu Jing, a famous director, international action star and creator of international box office miracle, released a micro blog: I'm Wu Jing, chief special training officer! Players listen to the order: "live" go on, exercise is the actual battle! I'm waiting for you in peace elite! Good luck, chicken tonight. The news drew cheers from a lot of chicken loving friends. Wu Jing finally came to eat chicken! The most important thing for Jedi to survive is to open the double row! Language! Yinso, instructor Wu, Lian Mai, I'm luoliyin.

Wu Jing has become the spokesperson of the authentic battle training tour "Jedi survival: peace elite" developed by Tencent photon studio group. Wu Jing's self directed action military film "war wolf 2" became the highest box office Asian Film in 2017. The encounter of cold front, a hard-working man in the film, can be said to be another version of "survival of the Jedi", so the endorsement of this mobile game can be said to be more appropriate.