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What's the matter with the merger of Mercedes Benz and BMW

Recently, the news that Mercedes Benz and BMW have invested 50% in the joint venture business has attracted much attention. What's the matter? Why do they want to merge? Let's have a look!

What's the matter with the merging business of Mercedes Benz and BMW

Daimler group and BMW Group are likely to merge a business, which is shared travel. At present, Mercedes Benz's car2go and BMW's drivenow are both spreading around the world. The CEO of sixt, a partner of BMW's business, said that the two companies are considering merging their businesses.

Why merge? Facing the competition of Uber and LYFT, it's hard for the host company to break through its own travel service. At present, neither Daimler nor BMW have responded positively to the merger rumors, while a senior BMW official said, "we have been in constant talks with our partners to evaluate strategic options.".

The car sharing business is spreading all over the world. It is said that more than one-third of London's customers have sold their cars after experiencing BMW's drivenow, while only 20% of them say they will keep their private cars in the future.

On the other hand, both BMW and Daimler are actively developing driverless cars, which will also subvert the mode of shared travel. Currently, shared travel accounts for 33% of the global taxi market, and it is expected to grow eight times by 2030. At present, there are 950000 BMW drivenow global customers, 2.7 million Mercedes Benz car2go members, business in eight countries and regions, vehicle ownership reached 13900.