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What's the season of chelizi fruit? Chelizi is the most mature and delicious in a few months

Sihaiwang: there are various kinds of fruits, but chelizi has always been popular. Especially in recent years, many people on the Internet make fun of chelizi. When did chelizi come into the market? What season is chelizi suitable for? Let's take a look at the following.

What's the season of chelizi fruit? Chelizi is the most mature and delicious in a few months

Chelizi goes on sale in a few months

Chelizi is generally listed in mid June. The United States is in the leading position in chelizi production around the world. More than 70% of chelizi in the United States comes from the northwest. By the middle of August, a small number of chelizi in the high mountains had left, and the chelizi in the United States had fully fulfilled its mission of providing delicious food. Chelizi can be eaten almost all the year round. When chelizi in the United States goes off the market in summer, chelizi in Chile almost arrives, just in time to complete the handover.

What season is chelizi most suitable for eating

We don't eat a lot of cherries, because cherries are still planted very little in China, and they are generally grown in the United States, so many cherries we eat are imported, and the price is also relatively expensive. Cherries generally mature in May and June, which is a summer fruit, so the best time for us to eat cherries is also in summer His time is not as delicious and fresh as summer.

Can pregnant women eat cherry

Pregnant women can eat chelizi, but it should be noted that they should eat less. Chelizi is a good fruit for pregnant women, because the demand for calcium and iron during pregnancy is relatively large, but chelizi is a hot food, if you eat too much, it is very harmful to the development of the fetus, but proper eating has a better function of nourishing blood Effect, as well as the effect of physical fitness is better, but also need to pay attention to their own pregnancy when the need for appropriate sports body is better.