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What's the weather like on Qingming Festival in 2018

What's the weather like on Qingming Festival in 2018 2018 Qingming small long holiday is coming, and the weather is getting warmer and warmer. As the saying goes: 'dress in disorder in February and August'. Although the temperature is rising, the fluctuation is still relatively large. So how about 2018 Qingming Day? What's the best clothes to wear for travel? Let's have a look.

2018 Qingming Festival weather

Before and after Qingming, warm and cold air often meet in Jiangnan area, thus forming rainy and continuous weather.

Before and after the Qingming Festival, there are more water vapor in the atmosphere in the south of the Yangtze River, which tends to condense into drizzle at night. Because of these reasons, there are many rainy days in Qingming. But it's not that Qingming Festival is bound to rain, but Qingming Festival is a rainy season.

What kind of clothes should I wear for Qingming Festival

White shirt

But the handsome and sweet white shirt makes you look cool on Qingming Festival.

Lace up shirt

The white shirt on the street can't make you easily catch the eye? Then choose the current hot Tie Shirt with high waist and hip skirt to wear elegant Queen's model easily.

Wide leg pants

The heat of wide leg pants is no longer necessary. The length of 7 and 9 is more versatile. Of course, the concave shape has to be selected with the floor style, which is more fashionable with sneakers.


Girls who want to take advantage of the Qingming holiday to travel to tropical cities must bring a printed dress with walking style, a pair of high-heeled shoes and exquisite handbags. It's just beautiful.


The light and thin windbreaker is absolutely necessary for Qingming Festival to go out of the street. Whether it's with printed dress, wide leg pants or boyfriend's jeans, it's fashionable with full marks.


If one piece is not attractive enough, wear it as a set.

Characteristics of Qingming solar terms

By the Qingming solar term, the general circulation in East Asia has changed from winter to spring. The trough ridge of the westerly belt moves frequently, and the low and high pressure alternately appear. The variation range of cold and warm in Jianghuai area is large, and the unstable precipitation such as thunderstorm is increasing gradually. Qingming is not only a solar term but also a festival. It is also called the March festival in ancient times. It has a history of more than 2000 years. 'when all things grow, they are clean and clear. So it is called Qingming. 'after the Qingming Festival, the rain increased, and everything turned from Yin to Yang. It was like spring and Jingming.

"Rain in Qingming" refers to the climate characteristics of the south of the Yangtze River. At this time, it is often cloudy and sunny. Abundant water can generally meet the needs of crop growth. What is annoying and can not be ignored is the damage of wet spots and lack of illumination caused by too much rain. In the vast area to the north of the Huang Huai plain, the precipitation is still very little in the Qingming period. For the crops and spring sowing, the water supply is often in short supply. At this time, the rain is very valuable. These areas should do well in spring irrigation at the same time of water storage and moisture preservation to prevent the threat of spring drought.