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What can I do if I'm bitten by a flea

What can I do if I'm bitten by a flea

Four seas net: fleas are very annoying insects. If we don't pay attention to hygiene, fleas will be born on people, and red spots will appear after being bitten by fleas, which makes people itch hard to bear. So how to get rid of fleas? Let's have a look.

Symptoms of flea bite:

After flea bites, people will have different sizes of rashes at the bitten place, which is 0.5cm higher than the skin. People with skin allergies will have a larger area, dark red, with obvious red spots in the center (flea bite's mouth mark), itching is intolerable and lasts for several days.

What should I do if I'm bitten by a flea?

1. Immediately change all clothes on your body and soak them in the water (the water is better without clothes, fleas are most afraid of water, so that they can drown and avoid being bitten again)

2. The bitten place can be smeared with lifeguard essential oil to stop itching and eliminate scars. How to use lifeguard essential oil to open the bottle cap and dip the cotton swab with a small amount of essential oil to evenly smear it on the wound. Circulate once every other day to smear it. It can reduce swelling in three days and eliminate scars in one week.

3. First spray Liushen antipruritic lotion, and then rub the fluoride acetate cream.

How to kill fleas?

1. As far as families are concerned, the main measure to kill fleas is to clean the pet's body surface and use some insecticides with high efficiency and low toxicity continuously. When purchasing and using insecticides, ordinary families should keep sober enough. First of all, they should control the amount of insecticides they use. When they don't use insecticides, they should try not to use them. The second is to leave the site immediately after spraying insecticide. After 2 hours, open the doors and windows to fully ventilate before entering the room. Moreover, infants, toddlers and children whose brain development is not perfect must not be exposed to pesticides to avoid adverse effects on brain development and physical health. In addition, pay attention to avoid contaminating food and cooking utensils when using pesticides in the kitchen. Since most insecticides are flammable, do not use them in the kitchen with open fire to avoid fire.

2. Flea killing with traditional Chinese medicine: 20g for 100 parts, soaked in half a kilogram of alcohol for 24 hours, then sprayed to kill fleas quickly. (non toxic, tasteless)

3. Among the pyrethroid insecticides, cypermethrin (Kungfu) and deltamethrin (kaisulin) have very strong contact killing and stomach toxic effects, and have fast and long lasting effects, which can quickly reduce the free flea index on the ground. It is easy to use, directly diluted with water, can give full play to its efficacy, has good dispersion, is safe for animals, has no pungent smell, and has no corrosive and destructive effect on the surface of objects. Deltamethrin can also kill eggs.

4. Among the organophosphorus insecticides, chlorpyrifos (lesbon) is a good drug for the control of health pests. After diluting with chlorpyrifos emulsifiable oil, the spray has a higher contact killing effect on fleas. Although dichlorvos is highly toxic to humans and animals and corrosive to the surface of copper and iron products, it can also be used properly in large-area indoor flea control due to its quick knockdown, strong fumigation and low price.

Note: when spraying agent, according to the actual situation, it is the most important to choose the dosage form, concentration ratio and correct use method. In addition, operators should pay attention to safety, wear protective clothing, hats, masks and gloves.