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The right way to use electric toothbrush compared with ordinary toothbrush, electric toothbrush is more convenient and comfortable to use, and the cleaning of teeth is more thorough than self-made toothbrush. However, because the electric toothbrush is very different from the ordinary toothbrush, and it turns much faster than the manual toothbrush, so how to use the electric toothbrush correctly is particularly important. Here are some related knowledge for you.

The right way to use electric toothbrush

How to use electric toothbrush

1. Installing the brush head

Put the brush head tightly on the toothbrush shaft, and fasten the brush head with the metal shaft.

2. Soaking in warm water

Adjust the softness of the bristles with warm water

Warm water: soft

Cold water: moderate

Ice water: slightly hard.

If it is used for the first time, soak warm water (below 40 ℃) before use. As more than 95% of people in China suffer from periodontal disease, the feeling of gingiva will be more sensitive, while the bristles with warm water are more flexible and comfortable to brush. After more use, choose the hardness and softness of the bristles according to your own preference.

3. Squeeze toothpaste

Align the toothpaste vertically with the middle seam of the bristles and squeeze in a proper amount of toothpaste. In order to avoid toothpaste splashing, it is better to squeeze the toothpaste before turning on the power.

4. Effective brushing

When brushing, insert the brush head from the thinnest incisor. Let the teeth clip in the middle of the three side bristles pull back and forth with moderate force. After the toothpaste bubbles, turn on the electric switch. After the brush head vibrates, use moderate force to move the toothbrush back and forth from the front teeth to the back teeth, and then slowly brush and wash the teeth. Generally speaking, it takes only 2 minutes to brush your teeth with a three sided electric toothbrush. The time is not too long, but it will damage your teeth.

5. Using a tongue scraper

After brushing the teeth, hang the tongue coating on the tongue with the back of the brush head to thoroughly clean the tongue, which is actually the place with the most bacteria.

6. Power off before removal

It is better to turn off the power before taking out the toothbrush from the mouth, so as to avoid the foam splashing on the body after taking out the toothbrush.

7. Clean toothbrush hair

After brushing each time, put the brush head into the water, turn on the electric switch, shake it slightly for a few times, and then tap the brush head, then the foreign matters and toothpaste left on the brush hair can be cleaned.

Precautions for use of electric toothbrush

1. It's best to read the instructions and installation methods for the first use to make sure you know how to brush your teeth. For example, how to make the brush head tightly put into the toothbrush shaft, how to make it have a close combination, etc.

2. It is better to soak it in warm water before use. It is generally recommended that first-time users soak them in warm water for a while. It's more comfortable to brush with a toothbrush soaked in warm water, especially for people with periodontal disease.

3. To choose the right toothbrush, children must choose the toothpastes that can be swallowed, and children should not use the electric toothbrush. Their teeth are growing, and the gums are relatively fragile. If the electric toothbrush is not used correctly, it is easy to damage the gums and teeth.

4. When brushing, it is better to refer to the correct brushing method, especially the order of brushing and cleaning teeth. The key point of brushing should be the gum and the joint of teeth. In the process of brushing, it is necessary to fully consider whether every part has been brushed. Here I would like to remind you not to press the teeth directly with your head, which will cause gum damage.

5. The brush head shall be replaced at least once every three months. It is better to clean it after each use. When it is not used for a long time, take out the battery and ensure that the storage environment is suitable for the storage of electric toothbrush.