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What's the difference between transgender and human demon

What's the difference between transgender and human demon many people think that transgender people have a wrong idea. They think that transgender people are human demons, but they are not. There is a big difference between transgender people and human demons. Human demons usually refer to the long-term use of estrogen by men. They come from Thailand, and transgender people are found in many countries around the world. At present, they are considered as a psychological disease of gender identity disorder. Let's see the details below Take a closer look at the difference between transgender and human demon! (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted to indicate the source, original link:

Goblin (Thai Name: grapeai. It mainly refers to a man who develops from a young age by taking estrogen in a special performance Some of them are transgender people (the external genitalia has been operated on), but most of them are still 'men', only the chest is raised, the waist is thin, the fertility is completely lost (still able to ejaculate), most of them are beautiful, the only difference between them in appearance and women is that they usually have big hands and feet, which can be identified by voice. This kind of people are mostly concentrated in Thailand, which we call "human demon".

But the siren is legally male. However, the human demon is defined as a female in the daily life of the society. The human demon will choose according to the clothes of the day when she goes to the public toilet. If it's a female dress, she will naturally go to the female toilet.

Sirens and transgenders, the difference between them is great

1. It is impossible for a human demon to have children because it has received too much female hormones

After the age of 30, the body will not be controlled, and will be abandoned by the boss. Once the hormone and beauty medicine are stopped, the body will be out of control... Transformers

3. Man, lost his last dignity... Ordinary human demon, can't live to be 40 years old

Transgender is because of the psychological opposite sex words, both men and women, because of various psychological reasons, they have transformed their gender, including removing their own sexual organs and transplanting the opposite sex organs. Generally speaking, they voluntarily change her or vice versa

1. As long as the sex organs are transplanted, transgender people can have children

2. They are generally healthy, but like or other psychological factors willing to transform into the opposite sex. Compared with the human demons, they just prefer you to treat them as her

3. Although there are also negative reports and some moral and ideological reasons, transgender people are discriminated by some people, but their physical and mental health are generally upward