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What are the uses of expired milk

What are the uses of expired milk milk is a necessary healthy drink for our family. Many families are often treated with some milk. However, sometimes the stored milk will expire after drinking. It's a pity to throw it away. What's the use of expired milk? Let's have a look.

1. Wipe composite wood floor

Expired sour milk should be diluted with water, then sprinkled on the composite wood floor and wiped with a mop. Because lactic acid is a natural detergent. In addition, milk contains protein, fat and other substances, which can form a protective film on the wood floor, not only making the wood floor bright as new, but also protecting the floor surface, reducing wear and scratch.

When cleaning the wood floor, first pour the expired milk into the washbasin, then add twice the water to dilute, and then wet the dishcloth and wring it dry, then you can clean the floor. If there is a large amount of expired milk, it can be wiped with milk once a week. The fat in the milk still has the use floor to maintain the original color and lustre, not easy to decolour, change color, also not easy to let the floor deform.

2. Wipe leather furniture

You can use expired milk to wipe leather furniture to restore luster and repair small cracks.

3. Dry and crack proof leather shoes

Clean the dirt on the vamp, dip the expired milk with gauze and evenly smear it on the vamp, then wipe it with dry cloth after drying, the vamp will be as bright as new, and the other function is to prevent the leather surface from cracking.

4. Remove oil stains

After repairing the car, your hands will be stained with oil, dust and become very dirty. At this time, mix oats and milk into a paste, and wipe your hands, which can not only remove dirt, but also moisturize your hands, making your hands more soft and tender.

5. Remove ink from clothes

Http:// clean the clothes with water, then pour in the expired sour milk and gently wash it, you can remove the ink on the clothes.

6. Repair the crack of porcelain

If the porcelain cracks slightly, you can put it in the pot, pour in the milk to soak, heat and boil, then turn off the heat and simmer for 45 minutes. The protein in the milk will combine with the clay in the porcelain to repair the cracks.

7. Remove rust spots and stains

Using sour milk (or adding some vinegar to the milk) to soak the silverware can remove the rust and stains on the surface of the silverware. Rinse and dry after soaking. It can also be used to Polish furniture. While deeply moistening wood, its acid composition can also remove dust and dirt, with good effect.

8. Hair care lubrication

Add a little water to dilute the expired yogurt, and then apply it evenly on the washed wet hair like conditioner. After a little massage, wash it off with water, which will make the hair shiny.

9. Make yogurt mask

Yogurt contains a lot of lactic acid, which is mild, safe and reliable. Yogurt mask is to use these lactic acid to play the role of peeling mask, daily use will make the skin tender and delicate. It's also very simple. It's just a piece of cake.

Ingredients: a cup of yoghurt, a proper amount of flour, a small bowl.

Method: (1) put a proper amount of yogurt and flour in a small bowl, mix well to make a thick yogurt paste. (do not adjust it too thin, otherwise the mask will not be thick.). (2) Apply evenly to the whole face, wait for 10-15 minutes, then wash with warm water.

Efficacy: yoghurt mask can also be used for face washing. It is unnecessary to clean the face before and after use. After 4-5 times of use, the skin will have a new feeling.

10. Fertilize flowers and plants

If the expired milk has a clear sour taste, you can use it to water the flowers. You can dig a small pit in the middle of the flower soil and bury the milk in it, so that there will be no bad smell. It should be noted that there should not be too much milk. It can only be used for a second time in a month or so.