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What month is summer 2018 what time does summer 2018 start

In April, the temperature of these days is almost 30 degrees. For a moment, I think it's in summer, but the peach blossom has not yet failed, and the cherry blossom is shining. So when does the summer of 2018 start? What month is the summer of 2018?

What month is summer 2018

Summer is the period from the beginning of summer to the beginning of autumn.

The summer time of 2018 is May 5, that is to say, summer starts from May 5. The beginning of autumn is August 7, which means the end of summer. So the summer of 2018 is from May to August.

What are the three stages of summer

If summer is divided into three uniform sections, then Mengxia, midsummer and Jixia are the names of these three sections according to time sequence, so midsummer is midsummer. Midsummer means the summer. Meng is the eldest, Zhong is the second and Ji is the ancient name of the third.

According to the Gregorian calendar, it's probably may, June and July. Because the sun is most direct on our head on that day, the summer solstice is always on June 21 or 22 of the Gregorian calendar, so the Gregorian calendar June is midsummer. But in the northern hemisphere of the earth, the hottest month is July, not midsummer. It can be understood that when the fire is used to add hot water, the water is not the hottest, because there can be this situation: Although the fire is decreasing, the water temperature is still rising.

When will the dog days begin in 2018

The dog days of 2018 start from July 17, 2018.

Dog days in 2018: 40 days in total

July 17, 2018 - July 26, 2018, the first fall, 10 days

July 27, 2018 - August 15, 2018, the first fall, 20 days

August 16, 2018 - August 25, 2018, the first fall, 10 days

What are the solar terms in summer

There are Lixia, Xiaoman, mung seed, summer solstice, Xiaoshu and Dashu.

Lixia: the beginning of summer.

Xiaoman: grains of summer crops such as wheat begin to plump.

Grain in ear: wheat and other awn crops are mature.

Summer solstice: hot summer comes.

Xiaoshu: heat is hot. Summer heat is the beginning of hot weather.

Dashu: the hottest time of the year.