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Apple's new color for iPhone x China red is coming again

Apple's new color for iPhone x China red is coming again according to the previous industry chain news, Apple will undoubtedly launch new colors for iPhone X and iPhone 8. Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 7 Series in 2016, Apple also launched the Chinese red color, but the sales did not seem to have increased much.

Now, according to the news from Benjamin geskin, the source of the news, he has received the news from the industry chain, and apple has been fully prepared for the new color matching of iPhone X. And the new color to be introduced is (product) red, which is very popular among Chinese people. At the same time, the iPhone 8 series will also have this color. Apple's new colorways for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series are believed to be in response to the weak sales period ahead of the September 2018 launch. It is expected that Apple will launch the new color before the end of April, but there will be no special press conference, but it will be directly put on the shelves in the mall and Apple store.

However, according to Apple's previous formula, the new red iPhone X and iPhone 8 will keep the original price level, but the third-party e-commerce platform may have a great deal of incentives. So how do the fans feel about these new colors?