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How to express the latest love story of April Fool's day in 2018

How to express the latest love story of April Fool's day in 2018 today is the annual April Fool's day. Many people will express their love at the mouth of April Fool's day. On the one hand, if they succeed in expressing their love, they will go lucky. If they fail, they can also hide it at the mouth of April Fool's day. How to express their love on April Fool's Day 2018? Here are some of the latest love stories of 2018.

1. Tonight I don't care about people, I just want you.

2. Everyone has the right to love beauty, so I love you.

3. I don't care about your past. It's your business. I hope to participate in your future, which is my honor.

4. You stand beside me, it's very beautiful.

5. I love you more than just that we need to be together. I love you and promise that I will never hurt you.

6. I can't hide from you.

7. The moon is very bright. It doesn't work. It doesn't work. I like you, like also useless, useless also like.

8. Whatever I am, I am yours.

9. I love you, it's my destiny.

10. I've been all over the world in these years, and I've seen a lot of beauty. I stopped to find that my favorite is you.

11. I have nothing to talk with you but love.

12. I've always wanted to trick you into my love trap, and then I'll accompany you through the whole life.

13. My pH is always less than 7 since I like you.

14. Obviously, you are 101.

15. "I want to have a day when we no longer say good night to each other, but sleep beside each other"

16. I pass all the mountains and rivers, but I just want to join hands with you.

17. It's windy outside. Come home with me.

18. I like you very much. It's like the weather forecast says "rain tomorrow" and I can hear "you tomorrow".

19. Hold your hand, day and night, hold your hand, wait for tomorrow, hold your hand, walk through this life, hold your hand, live forever. Dear, I love you just like a mouse loves rice. People say: 'to love someone is not to be rewarded. 'but I want you to give me back - let me give you all my love in my lifetime!

20. Once there was a sincere love in front of me. I didn't cherish it. When I lost it, I regretted it. It was the most painful thing in the world. Cut your sword off my throat! No more hesitation! If God can give me another chance, I will say three words to that girl: I love you. If I have to add a deadline to this love, I hope it will be 10000 years

21. I am not a good talker, but I will use my practical actions to make you feel that I really love you, so I hope you can give me a chance to take care of you for a lifetime, and then grow old together, OK?

22. To meet you is the greatest happiness for me. With you, my life becomes infinite and broad. With you, the world becomes so charming. You are the world, the world is you. I'm willing to use my heart to accompany you and love you.

23. Disappointment is sometimes a kind of happiness. Because there are expectations, so will be disappointed. Because there is love, there will be expectations. So even disappointment is a kind of happiness, although it's a little painful. I'm willing to take it for you.

24. The most unforgettable thing is your smile. When it blooms on your face, I feel as if I have a spring breeze, which melts my heart.

25. My left hand is engraved with me, and your right hand is engraved with you. My heart is full of love. When our palms are facing each other and our hearts are touching each other, everyone will see -- I love you!

26. The warm sunshine & hellip & hellip; gentle wind & hellip & hellip; light flower fragrance & hellip & hellip; and endless love & hellip & hellip;

27. Want to lie in your arms again, want to let you dry my tears again, want to let you hold me again, want to kiss your face again, want you to say love me!

28. Without you, the color is single. Without you, the food is tasteless. Without you, I am hollow!

29. If it's not because I love you, how can I feel uneasy? In every inexplicable day, I think you miss you so much.

30. Tonight is lonely like the sea, tonight is a disaster of lovesickness. Love for you has turned into this lonely sea. Think of your heart has let your shadow in the brain flooding!

31. When the wind blows your hair, it's my miss around you; when the rain drops lightly jump in front of your window, it's my prayer for your happiness.

If you want me to tell a lie, I will say: I don't love you. If you want me to make a wish, I want to say: make you happy. If you want me to make a promise, love you all my life

33. I always think of your gentle eyes in the dead of night. I don't know who to tell them. I'm afraid to hear the blushing voice

34. In this affectionate season, I really want to send you a bunch of blooming roses and countless blessings! I hope the fragrance of this rose can send out the soft care and missing breath to you, Happy Valentine's Day!

35. It is true that I once loved you; it is true that I still love you. Valentine's day, let me put this love into a trickle down blessing, sincere blessing you happiness, happiness forever!

36. At this moment, I miss you the most. Let cloud send you full blessings, embellish your sweet dreams, and wish you a happy Valentine's day.

37. In sincerity, I know you well and keep company with you day and night.

38. I hope the path has no end. Just keep walking hand in hand. Let's go through every Valentine's day together. Happy holidays!

39. True love must be pregnant with suffering. Only in suffering can great joy be found. You are my only one.

40. As long as you look at me in the distance, no one else will come into my heart. A heart will beat for you forever. Dear people, until today, I can summon up my courage and say to you: be the only lover in my life.

41. If you buy roses, forget it, you will be laughed; if you buy chocolate, forget it, you will be fat; if you light candles, forget it, there is no Valentine; on Valentine's day, I wish you and I would have a happy Valentine's day together!

42. The most romantic story has no ending, the happiest love has no words, only the agreement of each other's hearts. My love, everything is in silence! I would like to wish you to follow my dream for the whole life and draw my heart in the message to you. I hope you can see your knowing face tomorrow!

43. Gently, a fallen leaf drifted into my heart and filled my whole heart. Slowly, my heart goes with the fallen leaves, I can never find it again.

44. The vast sea of people, navigate by your name. Cold night, warm your name. Long life, travel with your name.

45. If someone wants me, it's like being hugged by moonlight! You quietly live in my soul castle! We have each other to rely on!

46. Do you know how happy I am? I want to bring all my thoughts to you. I will come to your bed as a meteor shower and take away your heart.

47. We are constantly searching and striving to find our own truth. Looking at other people's happiness to ridicule their own sorrow, my heart has been unbalanced hoping that people who have hurt themselves are worse than themselves and have no happiness of their own, but when I really see it, I find that it is really like every time I write it, I really hope that he is better than me and happier than me.

48. In the fleeting years, my love is waiting for you silently, because the life with love is happy, the life with love is magnificent, and the life with love is like a flower. In the sky of emotion, love is sacred, the most beautiful and the most beautiful. In those days, people were excited.

49. In the face of a paragraph of sad words, I understand that I am not happy. Because I also use hypocrisy to live, and also use hypocrisy to cover up some emotions, to cover up some sadness, too many times I hope someone to accompany me, because of loneliness crawling to my heart.

50. I am willing to ignore my parents' opposition to our love, as long as you are my biggest departure; I am willing to change all the bad habits you don't like, as long as you can give me time to stay; I am willing to give you all to show my love, as long as you don't leave, I am willing to wait; I am willing to eat pain and fatigue to give you comfort, as long as you accompany it is sweet; as long as you In, I am willing to defend that day for you alone.

51. You may not have loved, so you do not believe that there is eternal love in the world. When you fall in love with someone, you will know that there is such a person in the world that you would rather die than fight against her. If life is a one-way street, please walk in front of me from now on, so that I can see you from time to time; if life is a two-way street, please let me hold your hand, walk in the vast sea of people, never lose it.

52. I like to be with you, but I'm not sure whether I will leave you at last; choice is a kind of right, sometimes it's an escape; giving up, though willing, sometimes involuntarily; when I lend you love.

53. Treat every day as Valentine's day to love each other. I want to dream of your beautiful love every minute. I don't care about the pursuit and generosity of others. As long as you are brave and hand in hand with me, love doesn't need to be expressed specially. As long as your heart can be close, you will always be my favorite girl.