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Does fuerjia mask have hormone? Can pregnant women use it

In the skin care steps, the mask belongs to the first layer and is the basis of skin care. How to choose a suitable mask? Is there hormone in fuerjia mask? Can pregnant women use it? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian.

Does Fu Erjia have hormone

No hormones

Fuerjia medical repair mask -- deep moisturizing repair, soothing and calming, enhancing skin barrier function and tolerance. It can be used after non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetology such as water light, laser, photo rejuvenation, pulse light, micro needle plastic, white porcelain doll, hot Maggie, black face doll, radio frequency, lattice pixel, fruit acid treatment, etc. it can quickly repair the damaged cells of epidermis and the heat damage of basement, resist allergy, detumescence, relieve pain, stop itching, and resist bacteria, and provide repair for the skin with water shortage, dryness, redness, aging and other problems Main characteristics of moisturizing: aseptic formula, no alcohol, no pigment, no fragrance, no p-hydroxybenzoate.

Fuerjia is the safest and most reliable facial mask in China. It is approved and registered by the food and drug administration. A medical grade repair patch that can be found in the medical devices category of the State Food and drug administration is the only one legally registered facial mask in China at present.

Can pregnant women use fuerjia mask

Generally, it is not recommended to use some mask after pregnancy. It can add more water to the face, such as toner

It is generally not recommended to use facial mask after pregnancy. If it is convenient, you can use fruits or vegetables to make your own facial mask, such as cucumber facial mask, which is safer.

Do you have fuerjia mask in the drugstore

This is a beauty mask. It's not available in drugstores

Brand: fuerjia

Product Name: medical sodium hyaluronate repair paste

Package: 5 Stickers / box

Mask classification: patch type

Specification and model: oval (21cmx24cm)

Suitable for skin type: any skin type

Efficacy: for mild to moderate acne, skin repair, wound healing, skin allergy, scar formation and pigment deposition.