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Can you eat green pineapple? Why can you eat green pineapple

Green pineapple is immature pineapple. It tastes astringent, has a very numb mouth, and even causes oral ulcer, so it can't be eaten directly. Let's have a look at some questions about green pineapple.

Can green pineapple be eaten directly

Green pineapple is usually not eaten directly.

Green pineapple generally has no mature pineapple, contains more tannin and pineapple Ruan enzyme, and less glucose and fructose, so the taste of green pineapple is not as good as that of mature pineapple, and it is easy to stimulate the oral cavity, so it is generally not eaten directly. But there are some varieties of pineapple that are blue and sweet, which can be eaten directly, but it is not sure whether it is a sweet variety of green pineapple, so it is generally not eaten.

What's the effect of eating pineapple directly

The content of pineapple Ruan enzyme in green pineapple is high, so it will stimulate the oral mucosa after eating, which is easy to cause mouth numbness.

mouth ulcer

The content of fruit acid in pineapple is high, which is easy to stimulate oral ulcer. At the same time, the consumption of pineapple will aggravate oral ulcer.

What's the difference between the taste of green pineapple and that of yellow pineapple

The aroma composition of green pineapple is less, because the fragrance is lighter, only the flavor of pineapple; the aroma composition of ripe pineapple is more, so the fragrance is rich, with sweet taste.

Taste difference

Green pineapple tastes sour and astringent, crispy and hard, without a trace of mature pineapple; ripe pineapple tastes sweet, slightly sour, soft and soft.

How to eat green pineapple

1. Ripening and eating: Green pineapple is not very delicious when eaten directly. It is usually placed for a period of time to wait for the pineapple to fully mature before eating. The taste will be quite good.

2. To make pineapple preserves: Green pineapple is too sour to be eaten directly. It can be made into preserves. Generally, it can be pickled together with ice sugar or white sugar to increase sweetness and avoid pockmarked mouth.


The content of fruit acid in green pineapple is very high, so after eating it, you need to rinse your mouth with water in time to avoid a large amount of fruit acid left in your mouth and corroding your teeth.